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Living in the Moment/Hounds Win Big/Clock Talk

Hounds Win 5-2

On Saturday night the Soo Greyhounds finally managed to put more than a few pucks in the net. A team that struggles to score were led by Tyler Savard in the win over the visiting Niagara Icedogs. Savard had a big 4 point night with a goal and three helpers. Rounding out the scoring for the Dogs of the Soo were  Mark Duarte, Andrew Gibson, and Alex Kostov. Charlie Schenkel stopped 20 of 22 shots that came his way. Up next the Hounds prepare for a three game road trip starting on Friday night in Flint Michigan. 

I Hope You Didn't Set Your Clocks Back

Of course I am not serious; as to not do so would probably end your employment and enjoyment in life. If I miss that Steel Panther show this month I would lose it… so I did as was suggested and changed all the clocks back Sunday morning.

Now the studies have been widely known for years that the extra hour of sunlight etc. from spring forward and fall back only benefits the monetary system and production of goods and services etc. In a pre industrial age people were more spiritual and less worried about the Skidoo, 5th Wheel, or the 4 bedroom home with the double garage. For decades papers have been published showing that the above practice affects are natural circadian rhythms and sleep cycles which repair our DNA in a very negative way. More and more states, provinces, and countries are deciding to give up the tradition and go au natural. Click on the link to investigate more. No More Springing and Falling.

Living In the Moment

One of the biggest challenges we all face are living in the moment and not worrying about our past or future. I too struggle with this but I am aware that I control my happiness and destiny. If you look at the happiest people around you, they are the ones who are light hearted, don’t sweat the small stuff, and live only in the moment. I admit it is difficult at times, but when you are finally able to do it, it really changes your day. For example living in the moment is easy to accomplish if you have a hobby or project. We have all been there where we are working on something and before you know it hours have past and the project is done. During that time our brains were not firing negative signals (unless you hit your thumb with the hammer) and we were actually producing more serotonin and dopamine with our accomplishments. Recently I have embarked on a bit of a project to keep me busy and it is really bringing me joy, plus hopefully a few pennies in my account. Check out the short video below; this guy is brilliant. 



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