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Are You Aware of Alternative Media?

When Things Just Don't Add Up....

I noticed THIS ARTICLE published yesterday by the Canadian Press and to me it only made sense. This article was based on a study conducted by Maru Public Opinion and in a nutshell, it concluded that trust in mainstream media was dwindling and that people, especially the younger generation are seeking out alternative news sources for their information. As our way of living has been turned completely upside down over the last three years, who could blame them ??

We should all now agree that our politicans have been caught lying and stealing to such a mass degree as never been seen before; and we should also agree that the medical community is as warped as a melted frisbee.

Health agencies fire professionals for not getting vaccinated and then low and behold they get their jobs back after court cases are won. It is happening all the time but they only slide those articles in once in awhile. That should be scandalous; firing doctors and nurses during a PANDEMIC !!!, only to have them reinstated; but it is not a scandal because they downplay it or completely ignore the story.

I will not dive too deep in any topic or subject as this article will never end.

Anyway, in my opinion; aside from profiteers at the level of Big Pharma and their drivers like the World Economic Forum; the main contributor to our woes are the media. 

We used to trust the likes of Knowlton Nash, Dan Rather, etc, and others that broadcast at ten or eleven o’clock every night but not so much these days. As was said in EVENT 201 which was an exercise done in OCTOBER 2019 !! where the participants ranged from execs from John Hopkins University, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum and others; the main thing in a crisis….fabricated or not, was to control the media to control the narrative and to inundate the population with propaganda and silencedisinformation“. 

By the way; disinformation these days is anything that counters the narrative that the big players want to put out.

The reason people do not trust Legacy media is because of the obvious censorship, deplatforming, social media shaming, false arrests, etc etc of many many many of the leading scholars in the fields of medicine, science, law, etc. When tens of thousands of doctors (Great Barrington Declaration) call for transparency from the gov’t and it is met with silence; it speaks volumes. 

When leading doctors like Judy Mikovitz challenge the narrative and Flip Flop Fauci; she gets arrested, put in jail, and the charges dropped after an expensive lawsuit that bankrupts her. I read her book early on into this lie called Plague of Corruption and I hope you do also. Early on I also read a book by a brave nurse called Undercover Epicentre Nurse (Erin Marie Olszewski) and this is also a great read and undercover documentary that you can find on the platforms I mention below.

I took my own deep dive down alternative media early on (2 weeks into “just two weeks to flatten the curve”)… it only made sense to research. When once accessible Websites or YouTube channels were removed and taken down left, right, and centre after contrary information by licensed doctors was being circulated,…….. I knew the jig was up. 

On another note; when in history have factcheckers been needed? If you dig, you will find that they are not even doctors and if they are, or claim to be; they are employed by companies tied with the same string if you know what I mean. 

To me a fact checker is a person with a brain..a critical thinker… that can distinguish between common sense and fiction. Wearing a mask through a mall and taking it off to go into the food court is a prime example. Where does the virus go when you sit down at a table with friends from different households? Does it have a time of day where it works best?

Most people that figured out (or should at least known now) what was going on, did it by simple research.

Instead of watching the lies and contradictions on CNN, CBC, BBC, etc which are Legacy media and 99% owned by 5 corporations worldwide; we went to Bitchute or Rumble because those intellectuals that had received Nobel prizes in medine and science could speak freely again. Did you know Dr Michael Yeadon who worked as vice president of Pfizer for 16 years has videos all over those sites where he warns about the dire consequences of the injections. I am sure most of you did not, but just type in his name and you will see.

What does Dr. Yeadon, Dr. Phillips (Ontario), Dr Killian (Ontario), and thousands of others that stood up only to get chastised have to gain? That is right….. absolutely nothing……………….but losing their jobs. 

On these sites you can find thousands of news shows just like the ones you watch on MSNBC but withouth the $200 000 salaries and selfserving egos. Esteemed doctors like Dr Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr Roger Hodkinson, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr Byram Bridle etc times 1000……all were once esteemed in the mainstream media for their work over the decades. 

Before I close up for this rainy day; I am not saying all employees in the mainstream media are corrupt; most just do their jobs. What I am saying is that there are too many that go along with what doesn’t make sense because of the salary…but in the end they will be hurt as well as their families.

I could have listed about fifteen books I have read by esteemed doctors/scientists etc and listed another 250 doctors but I don’t have the time. I am just hoping to reach those of you that are on the fence. If you are one of those people, please go to Bitchute or Rumble and type in some of those names above; this will lead you to thousands of others and their credentials and the information you uncover will change your life. The video right below is with Rocco Galati…….the best Canadian civil rights/constitutional lawyer in the country by far; listen to his logic and it should…………I hope…. make you think. 

Here are a few links I hope the curious will check out. 

The Gray Zone Dr. Peter McCullough Rebel News Joe Rogan interview Dr Robert Malone  Dr Carrie Madej BITCHUTE RUMBLE Polly St George Stew Peters Maria Zee  Sky News

** Btw: “conspiracy theorist” is a word invented by Rev Douglas Wilson of the Central Intelligience Agency…..look it up for yourself. **


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