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My Rejected Letter to the Editor & How Accurate It Was

Mandates and Lockdowns are Coming Back to a Theatre Near You

I have recently looked back at about 6 letters to the editor I had written and were rejected as meritless etc. I sent these to the 3 local media sites during the year 2020. It is with vindication that I publish these on my own site as you can see clearly what many of us saw then. I am also publishing this one today with others to follow; to warn my readers that this C19 situation as I call it, is in no way over. If you keep complying they will come and well, they are here. Windsor-Essex County in case you are not aware has just reinstated mask mandates and don’t be surprised if you (Algoma) cannot in the near future enter a public venue without one once again. Vaccine passports & QR code mandates…. are not far behind once again either. Below is the letter sent to the Sault Star Editor on Wednesday December 23rd 2020 at 8:15am, and that is as far as it got.

Letter Rejected As Per Politics not Merit ( in my opinion )

2020 Was a Terrifying Movie, but the Sequel May Be Worse

” I am trying to not write about doom and gloom per se, but it is difficult. We have already witnessed this and then some since April of this year. Without regurgitating all of the crap that we have ingested since early 2020 we have to assess and acknowledge it at the very least.

‘Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.’(Winston Churchill)  These words are ever so true and ring as loud as a Church bell on Sunday.

Everybody must take note and makes some changes in the New Year. Lining up for vaccines isn’t going to be the answer either. Sure, it may help the sick and elderly, but the underlying issue is the freedoms that are being casually taken away that are killing us as a human race.

People are “getting by” but it will come to an end. The ones collecting the CRB, CERB and government bailouts really have felt the destruction of society, but are still able to eat and pay rent. The ones in public office and heads of corporations have only felt it to a lesser extent. Their jobs have been kept intact and their salaries and benefits remain. They don’t struggle to pay for prescriptions or groceries. Sure life has changed for them as well, but the common person below feels the uncertainty unlike anything they can imagine.

It is the people who live day to day and work minimum wage jobs, and do not qualify for these benefits that are suffering. It is the ones who realize they will have to pay back these benefits and will be heavily taxed in the New Year. It is the ones who cannot see their counselor face to face or attend a 12 step program for their mental conditions that are affected the most. An 80 year old lonely woman sitting in her chair by the window and wishing her son and daughter in law and grandkids could visit suffers. The hardworking immigrant that came to Canada with nothing and built up a business such as a barber shop or shoe repair shop and now watches as he can’t make the payments and his customers are too few ; they suffer

This has been a brutal year for our young kids as well who are developing that part of their brain in regards to social interaction. First we lock them up, cancel their play dates, cancel their Christmas parades, birthday parties, and force a mask on their face while sitting in a classroom. You can take the mask off when you eat in the cafeteria with your friends at the mall though..???? Is this not confusing and have major consequences to their psyche?

Speaking of cancelations. 2020 has canceled the lives of more kids/adults via suicide and overdose than I can remember in the last twenty years. Give us those numbers APH please; we would really like to know. The word on the street and in print is grim.

In respect to crime, I suspect it has gone up by the same, but as I sit here and type away I don’t need to see exact numbers unless they are to the effect that “SAH just admitted 4 patients who are struggling to breath and officials say they are young and healthy and have the antibodies directly similar to the C19”. This would be shocking news, as we all know that this attacks weak immune systems in the host bodies of people in their later years and who already have underlying conditions.

Is the C19 virus real? Of course it is, and so is the common cold/influenza that takes the lives of many each year of those that do not have the immune system to fight it; elderly and immunocompromised. 

But, until we get a worldwide consensus on its lethality from a large panel of independent doctors and lawyers without their pockets filled with bribes, Board Memberships, & high salaries to promote what they are asked to, and finally medical grants…..we will not.

These grants are in the tunes of billions of dollars and get doled out to doctors, scientists, companies to experiment and do research. Hey if you are an anti masker and want that grant….you’ll wear that mask like an Alaskan tree wears snow.

Part Two of 2020; Masking / Lockdowns/ Vaccines

This will be a part of your daily life and if you are brave enough to get the “miracle “ vaccine, that only in the summer was suggested it would take a minimum 18+ months to develop…..well ; you do have a special Santa this year.

They are using this fear to limit your freedoms from every holiday, gathering, Christmas parties, and everything that was fun in life.

Hockey games? We’re waiting. Concerts? We’re waiting. The list goes on. The waiting game will never be over; it is the norm these days.

But, in the meantime, more small businesses will continue to crash and burn, more and more people will riot in the streets (around the word) as they did last summer due to the frustration from isolation and more and more we are inching towards escalated major conflicts around the world.

Over the past year, we have seen Trudeau, Fauci, Tam, Ford, and many other “leaders” flip flop on their words. It is one thing to learn from your investigation into this virus, than to preach about not going to cottages and weddings, when in fact……………there you are. I guess being in office exempts you from the virus and restrictions.

Well, it is almost 2021 and 10 months later governors, mayors, elected officials, Premiers, just keep saying that it will return to normal in one month, two months and it keeps going on.

In the last year we have seen more spins and twists that you would see at an Elvis Stojko show.

Now many in gov’t will just take orders and give no attention to what it says ‘they will heed the parties’ orders.

For instance; just recently someone (an expert) named Dr. Barbara Yaffe who is the Associate Medical Officer of Health was caught hot mic’d before a briefing as she is shuffling papers and getting ready for the camera to roll “I don’t know why I bring these papers, I never look at them; I just say whatever they write down for me”

She is like one of the puppets (press secretary) that Obama and Trump dole out to tell the gathered reporters what they should publish as fact and to not question it.

This is not to attack Dr. Yaffe, it is only to give one example of how we are fed information and the sources that are feeding it in a lot of cases are just doing what they are told. Many in government (on the side) will tell you that this was handled poorly and they don’t agree but…..they will stay silent. Dissenters don’t get treated well.

Recently, I spoke with maverick MPP Randy Hillier whom the brave Western Standard based out of Calgary published my interview/article CLICK HERE

Randy told me that there are “a vast number of my colleagues (NDP, Conservative. Liberal, Green etc) that agree with my sentiments on lockdowns, masking, social distancing etc, but they are AFRAID to lose their perks, salaries, getting kicked out of their parties..”

In my opinion, at the very least; their salaries should be cut and put towards the Marianas Trench of a hole we are digging for our kids.

I know this article is not uplifting and I think I am going to watch Miracle on 49th St tonight and get some hope in my heart. One more thing; I am not the only one with strong opinions on the above topics.

I would suggest that if you are not sure what to believe or who to believe; I good start would be the link below.

For some great information, open and investigate the Great Barrington Declaration where 45+000 doctors and scientists, from around the world have troves of information and do not agree with what we are being told. You can also add your support and sign.

We are entitled to our own beliefs and we should be able to respect one another regardless.”

Merry Christmas