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Kyle Raftis is NOT done Wheeling & Dealing as Hounds Are Looking to Distance Themselves from Last Playoff Spot

Luc Brzustowski Is the Latest Clue

With the opening up a spot on the bench with Dustin Good being sent down to Elmira to sharpen his scoring touch, the trade of solid d-man Luc Brzustowski and acquisition of two high picks via the OHL Priority Selection 2024/2025, it would seem that Kyle Raftis has at least one more move and is getting ready to pull the trigger.

First of all it would be hard to part with a very solid defenseman given the Hounds woes so far this year. North Bay is looking for a title this year and had been on Kyles heels for this deal for some time now.

Considering the Soo Greyhounds are 15th in the league in team defense; to trade a veteran and keep two rookies on the roster must mean that Kyle is happy with the play of the d-men. Andrew Gibson has been an absolute beast this year and he kind of plays like former Captain Ryan O’Rourke in my opinion.

Now; the proof should be in the pudding, in that a trade or acquisition for a forward should be coming sometime soon. As I mentioned earlier; a rebuilding team like the Hounds being 15th in team defense is rather good. It confirms that both goaltenders are doing their jobs and the young and inexperienced defenseman are learning fast and playing by committee.

So with a team defensively keeping pace with the last and final playoff spot in the Western Conference, the only thing needed is to address and tackle the most problematic aspect of the team…..which is scoring.

What would happen to this team if Bryce McConnell-Barker got injured? I can tell you that many season ticket holders or fans for that matter, would be making their Florida trips a lot earlier and staying longer.  Without BMB; this team would lose a huge chunk of leadership, identity, experience, and most importantly goals and points. Why do I believe that Kyle is going to pull that trigger and get us a solid seasoned scoring forward sometime soon? The answer is twenty. Yes you read that right.

The Soo Greyhounds who have played more games than 9 other teams are DEAD LAST in goal scoring in the entire Ontario Hockey League with 77, That equates to an average of just 2.91 goals a game.

The gifted poker player will be moving soon on this, and the only thing is who might go the other way in the exchange or is Kyle planning on leveraging some draft picks in the deal only. I think draft picks & a player will be involved but we’ll see soon enough. 

LB and North Bay Host the Hounds Tonight

The Hounds begin a three game road trip tonight in North Bay and expect a dandy of a game. The Hounds have some wind in their sails with the two recent home wins, North Bay is going all out this year, and Luc Brzustowski is going to want to send a message to his old team. As always the game can be watched via CHL Live Streaming. 

**The Hounds organization recently asked the league to review a goal scored over the weekend, and it turned out in favor of Kalvyn Watson getting credit for his 4th goal of the game. This is great news as little things like this sure can add confidence and motivation to a player.** 

** I wonder what Tye Kartye thinks about this as he broke a record for earliest goal to start a hockey game last year but nobody seemed to fight for him. The goal in question would have been a new Soo Greyhound record but not enough push, pulled for him as the goal and time entering the net did not get overturned. The Feature Image and screenshot I attached should have been sufficient evidence; anyway, if you’re interested the article and story are HERE !! **

Go Hounds Go !!

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