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Hounds Get Bombed by Spitfires 7-4/$48 Million Dollar Should Be Winners….Not Winner

Start Landon Miller

The Soo Greyhounds once again took it on the chin last night succumbing to a 7-4 defeat by the powerhouse Windsor Spitfires. The Greyhounds are without some key players right now due to injury (Charlie Schenkel, Ethan Montroy, Andrew Gibson, Owen Allard, Connor Toms) so it is accurate to say that they started the game shorthanded. Having said that, defensive miscues and some shaky goaltending didn’t help their cause. 

Speaking of goaltending; with the Hounds losing on generally most nights this year, why doesn’t Coach Dean give Samuel Ivanov a break and start rookie Landon Miller as Schenkel is close to returning and Miller will be sent back down to the Thunderbirds. 

Ivanov has played very well on most nights but must be physically and mentally exhausted having started over 20 games in a row. In respect to Landon Miller who has come on in relief of Sammy two games in a row, his stats are worthy of a start. In the past 77 minutes roughly, he has given up only 4 goals and has a .909 save percentage stopping all but 4 of 44 shots sent his way. Those numbers are decent in my opinion, and as I said earlier; Sammy Ivanov needs a rest and Landon needs a start. I feel the team will rally around the young tender and the Hounds could possibly steal two points tonight. 

Scoring for the Hounds were Alex Kostov, Jordan D’Intino, Justin Cloutier, and quarterback Bryce McConnell-Barker.

Tonight the Hounds are in Sarnia. 

Congratulations to Juliette Lamour !! .........But !

It has been revealed that Algoma University student Juliette Lamour has won one of the biggest Lotto 649 prizes in history. She takes home a whopping $48 000 000. My thoughts are that this would be great news for anyone, but I am wondering if the OLG should consider helping society out more by limiting the jackpot prize amount to something reasonable…..let’s say $2.5 Million dollars instead of an unrealistic prize amount like the aforementioned. 

Wouldn’t having 25 new millionaires be better on families and society than one winner who realistically has no chance of spending all of that money? 

With a couple million dollars, I would say that many people would still have an incentive to work and contribute to society etc. Now with $48 000 000……..I don’t know lol. 

Anyways; those are just my personal thoughts and once again….Wow…Congratulations Julie. 

By the way; apparently her father is a financial advisor so…………………..well come on let’s be serious here…..I don’t think she is going to need to invest for the future ha ha . 

Thanks for reading.