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Can Charlie & Owen Stop the Bleeding?/Hounds Are In Deteriorating Condition

Hounds Give Up 16 Goals in Last Two Games

After having an allergic reaction to the Sting in Sarnia by losing 12-1 on Friday (to which Terry Doyle praised the goaltending of young Landon Miller in his first OHL start…to which I agree), the Hounds could have gained ground on Kitchener for the last playoff spot Sunday but it was not to be. Yes the Hounds gave up 12 on Friday but Miller did play well even though he gave up 7 goals before being pulled. He stopped 19 of 26 shots sent his way; the team in front of him hung him out to dry and didn’t give him a chance. The same happened with his replacement Sammy Ivanov who only stopped 7 of 12 shots in the 3rd giving up 5 goals. The story about this game is that nobody showed up to play……except the young tender who has since been sent back to the Thunderbirds. I alluded to Terry Doyle as he is not only the Sarnia play by play man, but he is one of the most knowledgeable junior hockey minds in media in the league. 

Sunday Loss Puts Hounds in Critical Condition

After being in stable condition for most of the year by holding the 8th playoff spot; the Hounds suddenly are in critical condition. With the season starting to slowly wrap up with only 20 games left to play, the Hounds not only need to win games like yesterdays where they lost 4-3 but could have won (considering all the injuries that Mississauga had, the fact that it was their 3rd game in 4 nights), but they need to go on a streak. If they do go on a winning streak they will do it by peppering the opposing goalie with shots. FYI Dogs….you don’t win games in the OHL with only 18 shots on goal.

Now, with Owen Allard practicing and set to return soon (hopefully), and Charlie Schenkel standing on his head like yesterday….well that is the only hopes we have. The Hounds are 4 points behind the Kitchener Rangers who also have 2 games in hand. The Erie Otters are creeping up and are only 3 points behind the Dogs.

It’s gonna be close but it doesn’t look good. I looked at the remaining games and I almost fainted. The Hounds play Windsor 3 more times and Sarnia 3; I looked quickly and brief so if I am off by a game or two, don’t shoot me. It was painful to see that page.

Anyway; Charlie was solid in yesterdays loss and showed why he is definitely one of the best tenders in the league this year.  

Go Hounds Go !!