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Something Is Not Right With the Hounds/Tonights’ Game Worth a Watch Though As Gibson Returns

In the Dressing Room or Behind the Bench

With the Greyhounds not making the playoffs this year; as I don’t see a miracle happening, it might be time to scrutinize some things and wonder why. 

It is a bit confusing and I think there might be an issue in the dressing room or behind the bench. Where the Hounds came out of the gate losing quite a bit; there were way too many games that they pushed their opponents to overtime or lost by only a goal in regulation. 

With resolve like that from a young team, you would think that with more games under their belts that things would get better and not worse.

What has happened in the past month or so is odd as they have found themselves being blown out of games and not even looking like they were engaged. I don’t mind watching the Hounds lose when the effort is there but to be honest; I haven’t enjoyed watching a game in quite a while. The last game I enjoyed was the game where Connor Clattenburg single handedly did a number on the Sarnia Sting in the Hounds win (7-3) on February 12th. 

Aside from 2 assists and a plus 2 rating; Connor got under the skin of the Sting and should have been named a star in my opinion. 

Tonight I will watch the game as I think it is going to be a rough game as Sarnia will be trying to play pay back with Clattenburg, and with Gibson back from injury, his passion and skill will help the Hounds to at least play an entertaining game. 

Over the summer I do feel that there may be some serious discussions as per which three men will guide the Hounds next year. 

Like I wrote before; I rarely see the Hounds coaches huddled and chatting, whereas when Tardif and Smith were in the mix…..there was constant constant communication between them and Coach John Dean behind the bench  during the gameRemember; the acquisition of Assistant Coaches Brendan Taylor and Brent Hughes were  done in haste in my opinion. I understand Kyle Raftis was put in a difficult position and I am not judging; just making my observations. 

Go Hounds Go !