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Hounds Get Better as Saginaw Captain Suspended 2 Games/Turning Point Game in Hours

If things were not bad enough in the Saginaw camp with the injury to stud goalie Andrew Oke and the Hounds shutting out the Spirit 4-0 two nights ago…..things just got worse. 

Following the game on Wednesday…..Saginaw coach Chris Lazary was not even in the mood to be a sportsman.

Every team must assign someone to the media for a post game conference and Lazary refused to do so. He eventually met with media after complaints from writers made the OHL act. 

Aside from this, the Spirit found out that the slew fought by Captain Braden Hache has resulted in a two game suspension to the star D man. 

This very well could mean big trouble to this team if Oke isn’t between the pipes tonight.

Keeping the Hounds from getting into good scoring positions or keeping his teammates calm is why Hache was wearing the C this year. 

In a few hours we will see the lineups. Hopefully Beck is back and the “illness” of Zayne Parekh keeps him out one more game. 

Nobody is wishing anyone to be sick or injured but in a game of inches……The Hounds would certainly embrace every advantage they can get. 

My hunch………Hounds win.