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Why Do You People Worship the Royals? Charlie & the Gang

This is my first article with this New Modern Local News/Entertainment site in the SOO.  I will write about anything and everything; I am not afraid of censorship and if you have been awake for the last three plus years you will know it is real. If you don’t see me once in a while go to Border City Rock Talk or my Rumble channel UFOS Politics Comedy and Culture to see what I have been bitching about lol. I also intervewiew ROCKSTARS from all over the world …see below.

Anyway; today I want to talk about something that fascinated me as a kid but.. not so much now.

With the corruption and greed that has been thrown in our faces by the elites………..especially since C19…..why do people world wide still worship the Monarchy? I am talking about shutting down highways, towns, airports etc to make way for the King or Duchess to make their way into our countries to speak about topics they have no clue or experience in………….poverty/pain/ etc/

When Q LIZ died I could see human qualities in her ( my intuition is really good) but I also have the knowledge that her handlers have millions or more of capital to make her look like a Saint. Bottom line is that she is a normal human like you and I ….but with advantages………a cult following. 

The young ones Children (royaly/priveleage) are born into into this and get a bit of a break from me because…….hey brainwashing is real. You wakeup in the stirrups and what you are told during your first 7 years is gospel ….proof is here CIA ADMITS BRAINWASHING is Real & Canada Helped

These people are human like you and I; but their families have also committed mass atrocites, (to which their wealth stared and to this day keeps them wealthy… labor jobs……no scrounging for rent money…..nothing. They went to privleged schools and to be blunt…………….think and because we allow them………….that they are better than you and I.

I wrote an article when Charles mom did last year about how countries copy cat each other including our own….and have mass days of remembrance etc and a readers said I was “dissing” the soldiers thta died during the wars. What???  That is not what I was talking about. The whole point is the only people we should worship is the Gods of Out Understanding.

Anyway, I responded to him that I have self eseteem and nobody is better than myself and shouldn’t be worshipped. I think we all should have that mentalitty. These are my opinions and they will get stronger and longer as the summer goes on. Agree or Disagree; it is all good. Just be respectful if you comment. 

One more thning about the people that think they are better than you and I is this,

Royals eat organcic food and their servants and slaves make sure they are healthy, I don’t believe for one second that both Charlie or Katie have cancer, One may,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but the two of them…..nope, That would be a one in a billion chance for the two of them considereing their privelage. This may be a slow set up for pharma to get us to get the next vaccine. Think About It……………..Elites getting cancer……….Father and then Daughter In Law in months……………..NoWaaY

Here is my other passion. I interview worldwide ROCKSTARs…..believe it our not……

Here is one. Enjoy and please How about some words from my interview with the baddists bassist on the planet.