Don’t Get Suckered In a Second Time; You’ll Never Believe What Canada Is About To Do Again

This Is Why Bill C-18 Was Slipped Under the Door

In case you are unaware that anything has changed it is primarily because you don’t see news content on Meta (FB) like you did before. In a nutshell the cronies in Ottawa slipped Bill C-18 in apparently to protect Canadian News content; but that is as just a cover that protects only a few….Global, CBC, CTV……the ones the government controls the narrative on. Recently Soo Today has being writing in op-eds about the censorship and I don’t blame them. My only vice is that they censored many of us who were writing letters to the editor regarding things like mask mandates, lockdowns, vax passports and were met with censorship and our aware and accurate words turned out to be prophetic. If you haven’t seen the ball of yarn unravelling over the last year or so I feel bad as even the mainstream media has been forced to admit in their own language that they were way off in all of those arenas.

Masking, Lockdowns, and Mandates Are Back

Yes you heard that right; because of C-18 you must have missed it but the curious like myself have known about this for about 10 days now and they are slowly rolling in. Districts in the US such as New York State are officially announcing mask mandates again, In Atlanta, Morris Brown College announced a two-week mask requirement as well as a ban on large gatherings. And some hospitals have also begun to require face coverings again, including at Kaiser Permanente in California and two Upstate Medical University facilities in Syracuse, New York. Here is a link to confirm what I am writing. Click HERE ! or HERE !

About a week ago a very very high profile personality (Alex Jones) said on his show that a TSA whistleblower has told him TSA employees were instructed on Tuesday that masks are coming back by October for travelers & full COVID Restrictions/Lockdowns by December due to a new “dangerous variant” out of Canada. So if you don’t want to lose anymore of your liberties you might think twice about resisting these measures when they slowly trickle in over the coming weeks because that is how it is done; slow and methodical so you don’t pay attention and just “follow the rules” like many did the first time around. I think it is time Canadians start standing up for what doesn’t make sense or feel right; currently we have a Pastor in Alberta (Artur Pawlowski) who is waiting to be sentenced in September to prison for simply speaking and praying with the thousands of Canadians before they headed to the Freedom Convoy a few winters back. Yes the gov’t said he was inciting mischief and was convicted and could get 10 years in prison. This is all happening around us and it’s time to Just Say No.