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Israel Was Attacked…..& Maybe Deservedly So

Russian, Ukrainian, Israeli, Palestianian etc Deserve To Live In Peace

That is quite a no brainer but has to be said or else writers get cornered as racist for giving their opinions. 

With the huge esalation of war in the Middle East it is important for the public to be educated and not fall for the same song and dance that they did with the Russia/Ukraine conflict. 

That conflict did not start a couple of years ago out of thin air; it started in 2014 and if you Google the Minsk Accords you will learn how it came to be. I am not a Russian sympathizer or a Ukrainian sympathizer; I am a human who sympathizes with every person that is treated unjustly. 

Now moving on to the Israeli/Hamas situation I am going to cut and paste an article below to give the reader a reference point that Washington/London/Tel Aviv etc don’t talk much about, and that is that the Palestian people have been occupied and their land being stolen for decades,  and as much as Israel deserved its’ own homeland that they got in 1948, Palestian people deserve the same. Below is an article from October 2015. 

I hope Facebook doesn’t do the same BS like having profile pictures framed with Israeli flags like they did with Ukraine. Anyway, I said my peace as I can see the writing on the wall and the criminal Netenyahu is literally going to slaughter 10’s of thousands of people under the guise of self defence when in fact what has happened in the last few days was a build up of anger of being oppressed. Click below

How Can Palestinians Legally Fight Occupation?