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Coach Dean Needs To Settle on Schenkel As His #1 Goaltender

I don’t know what you think but I think one of Coach John Deans weaker areas in coaching is how he handles his goaltenders.

For at least the last 4 seasons it appears that he doesn’t really give the number 1 category to any particular goalie. 

We here that he wants them to battle it out and nothing is guaranteed  but in my opinion it hasn’t panned out. 

When Samuel Ivanov was here it was the same thing. No matter how stellar Charlie played, Ivanov was given more playing time than I thought was appropriate. 

When Samuel decided to take the College route this year I thought that this year Charlie would finally get to settle in know that he was the go to guy but I don’t know if he feels that way. 

Even after posting a shoutout not too long ago Coach Dean followed up that start with Landon Millar and even thought that turned out to be prophetic with Millar getting a shutout…….it just appears to me that no matter how hard Charlie plays and bails this team out … is a coin toss if he were to start the next game.

I was going to write about this earlier before the game in my curiosity if Dean would come back with Charlie tonight or not and well it looks like I should have and Dean should have started Schenkel. 

There is not disrespect to young Millar but after giving up three goals in the first period the Hounds find themselves behind the 8 ball and have to claw for a win. 

The saying that kids shouldn’t play back to back games should be thrown out the window. These are young and strong kids with a lot of resilience. 

The bottom line is that Coach Dean in my opinion, needs to settle on one goalie and that should be Charlie Schenkel. For experience it makes sense to throw in the rookie here and there but if you look at teams that have won championships, it is teams that generally put most of the workload behind one goalie. 

Just my thoughts.