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Hounds Beat Sudbury 7-4 Amid No Fans In the Stands

3190 Paid for Tickets but only 2600 Showed Up

That is just my opinion of course (2600 actually showing up) but as I was watching the game on tv, there was more red showing (seats) than a fuming wife’s face.

I looked over the attendance list for the first batch of home games and aside from the home opener and the London  game, I think the numbers don’t represent who actually went to the games.

This decline in a hockey city could have been prevented but passiveness, wokeness, and all the other factors took place unchecked and the fact of the matter is that it is only going to get worse and unless the league comes up with profit sharing for tv rights with the teams, you will see some fold in the next couple of years.

Does anyone remember when fans were NOT allowed in the stands as per C19 BUT…..18 kids, a handful of trainer’s and coaches could snuggle on the bench inches from each other?…..; (I should mention that there was also a stupid social distancing scam that people fell for and was supposed to be in effect….except on hockey team benches.)…..well anyway  that is why junior hockey teams are going to have to start to get clever to keep their teams afloat. 

Anyway, I am sorry I got sidetracked but seeing all that red…made me see red. 

Last night the Hounds played a strong game controlling the boards and puck possession. Aside from a late surge by Sudbury, the Hounds picked up the two points winning 7-4 with an empty netter and Owen Allard picked up the hat trick.

This Friday the Hounds hope to exact some revenge on against North Bay who beat the Hounds last week 5-3.

Owen Allard