Book Review: The Power of One (Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen)

Greed Before Ethics

When I got my copy from Little, Brown, and Company  I was more than excited to dive into this informative book. I had seen a few interviews with Frances talking about the book and it is my passion to learn and to a great degree; validate my own suspicions. 

The book starts off with Frances talking about her upbringing in a home of intellectuals and then her journey on deciding which academic of higher learning to attend.

Without giving away too much, Frances decides on a not yet tested school of advanced learning and as you will read it pays off. 

Her career starts at Google and it prepares her for the work she will be doing for Facebook. Her educational background is in electrical and computer engineering from Olin College and Frances also has a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School, Haugen possesses both technical expertise and business prowess.

The books overall theme is the deception of FB executives to turn a blind eye to death and destruction of nations for the betterment of a higher stock price. 

A basic example is how Facebook would give poorer countries free internet with limited websites and primary would be Facebook called Free Basics. This contributed to the riots and bloodshed in countries like Myanmar where trolls would undermine the elections and cause civil unrest. Amnesty International has come out and confirmed that the algorithms and profit before morals caused civil unrest and death and thus META owes reparations. 

When FB could have intervened and manipulated some of their algorithms they decided to let things be as the money was rolling in. 

Frances is a hero and there are many in the company that know of these evils but chose not to speak out for the bottom line of a good paycheck.

Please order your book HERE and get enlightened.