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It’s Kyle’s Time to Make the Biggest Move of His Career

Hounds will make significant trade within the next 5 days

“Will or should” are the debatable words but I like to be a bit bold so I am saying He will. 

Kyle Raftis plays the long game and the Hounds are looked up to by most other OHL organizations for drafting and developing within extremely well.  

Now as much as fans enjoy a highly competitive team each and every year which we have seen for over a decade (aside from last year), there comes a time where fans need to finally have a championship for all of their patience and money spent supporting the team. That time is this year. 

With a team that went from missing the playoffs last year to a team that is currently ranked 7th in the entire country and sit 2nd overall in the OHL it is time to make a run for it. Kyle Raftis has shown his worth (in the hockey circles) and don’t be surprised if he leaves the Soo very soon for a better paying and higher profile job at the next level; so I think he will make a statement this week coming and pull the trigger. 

Who is out there to acquire? I don’t follow junior that close to know but I know that the Hounds need a couple of players that are seasoned game breakers to win the title and that is what he will be looking for. 

This team is so strong with Kudryavstev, Karki, Allard, McConnell-Barker, Gibson, Beck, Clattenburg, Cloutier and….well I could go on and on; but they still need a CHL star or two to make it over the top. 

Goaltending has been outstanding and the defense is strong so that isn’t where the moves will happen. We need four solid lines and I think to acquire that goal scorer or two will require him to deal some draft pics but also possibly  one of our coveted young stars. 

Brady Martin and Christopher Brown are two young kids that have shown they will dominate this league in the next year or so and as much as you hate to give up one of those kids that you scouted and recruited; it may be the only bait you have to get a high scorer to bring you to the Memorial Cup.

Generally speaking Kyle makes some shrewd deals at the deadline but nothing really too high profile that I can remember. He plays it smart (safe) and works with the drafted kids rather than trade them away. 

Anyway, there has been some chatter that Jack Becks brother Owen will be moving out of Peterborough and heading to a contending; could it be the Soo and reunite with his brother like the Brodie and Bryce are ? I don’t know…. but it sounds like it would make for a good fit. Owen is seasoned and strong and would make for a great addition. 

Now as we inch towards the deadline on the 10th I will be refreshing the trade media link at the OHL website on an hourly basis and I really hope Kyle goes all in this year. The city deserves it and and quite frankly ; with that extra game breaker or two, I think the coaching staff can bring us to the Memorial Cup from Saginaw and if so…………many of us will make our way across the bridge to cheers our kids on. 

** On a somber note; former Hounds coach Paul Theriault has passed away and thanks Paul for all of the great memories you gave us**

Go Hounds Go