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Hounds Play Like Gangly Puppies During Weekend Homestand/1 W 1L

Hounds Beat Guelph and Lose to North Bay (to be expected)

When you remove some ingredients of a good recipe and then try out new ones there will be a process of tweaking; no not twerking….tweaking. 

While you would think that the Hounds would dominate both home games this weekend with the added talent of Hayes, Frasca, and DeZoete, the fact is that aside from Gavin making a big difference, the rest of the team played sloppy and did a lot of running around. In fact many passes were brutal, there were giveaways galore, and there was rarely any good puck possession and control; but.. that is to be expected. 

With the three kids added to the mix the lines are scrambled like an 8 egg omelet. The Hounds were lucky to be in both games and Charlie Schenkel was the difference. 

It is going to be about 5 or 6 games after Bryce returns (prob Thursday) that you will see the true product the Hounds will bring to the playoffs. 

Speaking of Bryce; how underrated is he? Very. People forget that not only is he a leader off the ice and in the dressing room but besides his scoring touch; he is the King of Faceoffs which are more important that the average fan realizes. 

When Bryce comes back and we get more puck possession because of…….. you will see the Hounds go on a bit of a run with their paws confidently galloping up and down the ice. The pups will mature quite a bit. 

With the injuries and world junior players missing, the Hounds played hard and strong and you can credit the coaching staff for this. John Dean is another person that I am sure has only  limited time in the Soo due to his great skills and teaching ability.  

Expect the Hounds to continue to look a bit out of sink over the next few games but it will come together. 

**of note; I don’t know what Dale Hunter says but it works. Once again and we see this every year …. at least one good rip; today London beat Owen Sound and have won 12…TWELVE games in a row. **

** On a more serious note; Marty Williamson and the Barrie Colts are not pleased with the Hounds organization as former Hound overeager Brenden Sirizzotti has not reported to Barrie and they have asked the league to look into this. I am sure Kyle did everything above board and that Brenden simply changed his mind after the fact.**