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Andy Curran loves the Soo, but doesn’t remember getting 2 and from the BACK DOOR……..and much much more !

A lot of Canadian rockers have passed through the Soo over the years, and many have stopped and played local venues to boot.

I recently had the privilege of speaking with the bass player of Coney Hatch, Andy Curran, about his career, and his plans for the future. Among other things, he remembers the Soo fondly, and I had to laugh when he told me his Back Door experience.

No, not that back door (pervs); the legendary watering hole in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

Anyway, we chatted about Coney Hatch, his love of a certain hockey team, his solo career, and his current collaboration with one of Canadas most famous guitarists.  This project will see a release of least 10 tracks in the not to distant future.

To  get a handle on the missing blanks, click on the video below

 Andy Curran Interview – YouTube

I do have to warn you that it contains GRAPHIC IMAGES…….. of my bald head but this is a work in progress and the lighting and webcam quality will be better in future interviews. I could have decided not 2 run this one but hey;……there were a few funny moments and you can’t capture that twice.

So once again to be clear; after you decide to click on the interview you have two options for your physical safety and two options only.

  1. Make sure you put on your sunglasses.
  2. Or you can chose to squint or better yet, close your eyes altogether when you hear my voice.

If you chose neither of these, you might as well just look straight into an eclipse of the sun.

You have been warned.






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