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Granny 4 Barrel Interview and possibly a call to Stormy Daniels

Nursing home rocker Terry LeRoi (Granny 4 Barrel) and I discuss the bands music, his love for Canada, and other things.

Back in the 1600’s when Granny was born, she was influenced by the likes of Paganini, Mozart and Beethoven.

In fact her first ever concert was at Heavy Montreal in 1735 where she said “I was blown away by everybody there, but I have to admit the Town Crier got most of my ear”

In fact she says, “my buddy Lestat and I were overwhelmed and can’t say enough about Quebec, and all the Canadians that paddled  their canoes up the St Lawrence to catch this act” 

Amy Lee (Evanescence)

In the interview we also touch on his relationship with ex Donald Trump mistress Stormy Daniels and if you watch the video long enough, you may just see this writer and his interviewee make a quick phone call to Stormy.

I have always been firm that if you don’t ask, you wont’ receive, and/or, if you don’t ask you’ll never know. This strategy paid off big time.

Click here  Granny 4 Barrel – YouTube and check it out for yourself.

Amy, (Evanescence) I am coming for you next !!

This interview was supposed to go to and be published via the online platform mentioned in the interview, but hey…..their loss and Border City Rock Talks gain !!

Have a great day and don’t worry……………………

B happy.

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