Don’t Drink the Koolaid……………………Accept

Band: Accept

Album: The Rise of Chaos

Released: 2017

Guitar Wolf Hoffman, Vocals Mark Tornillo, Guitar, Uwe Lulis, Bass Peter Baites, Drums Christopher Williams

Growing up most hard rockers and metal heads will know the name Accept for their bestselling and worldwide hit Balls to the Walls with the unique looks and singing chops of UDO.

Many though, will not be aware that after the departure of UDO, that the band carried on with other vocalists  and have settled on American Mark Tornillo. The quarterback of the band is guitarist Wolf Hoffman and the music has been as good, if not better in the decade.

That is no slight towards the UDO years; I am simply saying that the style has evolved and the crispness of technology in this particular case has been a blessing.

Moving forward this is one of my favorite songs (and isn’t it fitting in the day we are currently in?), and the one thing that impresses me in this particular video aside from the great singing and guitar riffs, is the dynamic presence of American born drummer Christopher Williams.

In most cases, the singer and guitarists capture the viewers attention obviously melodically, but visually in a live setting.

This guy has some talent and definite energy and man would I have loved to have been at this show.


Check it out ????

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