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With A Thousand in Attendance, There Will be No Shortage of Leg and Shoulder Room, that’s 4 Sure

But How Is It Going 2 Feel Mentally ?

…to the kids used to playing to a noisy crowd of 4-5000? Yes, the energy may be a little drained but maybe they will install cheering fans via loud speakers. Hey if the studio can get everyone on the Jimmy Fallon show to applaud on command; maybe the same can be applied.

Having said that I do hear from fans of the T Birds etc. that even with 1000 fans, it can get pretty electric, so we will just have to wait and see.

With word coming out that there will be no filled arenas this year and probably mandatory security/health restrictions implemented, it is going to take a devastating hit on the owners, developing players, and worst of all; the employees who for years have counted on this seasonal revenue to budget for school and weekend money, and to the retired pensioner barely making ends meet. The numbers will not be there and neither will the need for labor.

And, yes health and safety is primary; it’s just a sad fact that there has been so much collateral damage. It was nice to see the lineup of fans waiting in the GFL lot this am to gobble up the available tickets for the games on sale currently. I guess you could almost sense a playoff atmosphere of some sorts.


With limited fans allowed in the building, it would be a nice gesture for either one of the govt’s involved to purchase a screen balloon for the season ticket holders and fans who have supported the team for decades to not get left out (in the cold) so to speak. I have seen it many times in Traverse City during the film festival where a crowd of thousands could gather and watch a movie on a big screen at the public park on the water.

Yes, Sault Ste. Marie winters are a different story, but hey the Americans football fans bundle up for tailgate parties and watch their beloved teams in sub zero temperatures; surely as tough Canucks we could do the same.

On another note; let’s just say that the season goes as per planned and we end up without anymore lockdowns……should the CHL not keep Oshawa and Sault Ste. Marie in the loop as the two cities to contend for the Memorial Cup?

Just a thought that I feel may have been overlooked when the season and the Cup were cancelled last year.

Well as we inch and creep towards puck drop, let’s keep our fingers crossed that this will all go as planned.


Go Hounds

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