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Dogs Rip Wolves Apart/Kartye Breaks Record & Did I see Sheldon Keefe @ the Game Last Night ?

No I did not see Sheldon Keefe at the game but I did see that I got your attention. I was referring to John Dean and I will elaborate a bit more in few.

Last night the Hounds took it to the Wolves with a proud 6-2 win in Sudbury before 9 people. With things being unrestricted and such, the attendance was appalling and it was obvious that the fans did not give the Sudbury kids that extra attacker per se. The actual attendance was 1865.

From the drop of the puck the Hounds found their groove. I am going out on a limb here but I believe Tye Kartye will get credit for breaking the record of the quickest goal by a Soo Greyhound. The previous record was 8 seconds into a contest and was held by former Hound Mike Kaszycki where he scored the goal against Peterborough in 1975.

Tye Kartye

If they are going to review anything; the league will be reviewing this one as my screenshot after watching the goal a few times concludes that the puck was in the net at 6 seconds and you can see the ref pointing to it. Even if there was some kind of delay type techno thing going on in regards to the scoreboard and Eastlink; even the Sudbury announcer said the OHL site had shown 7 seconds. In these days of nanoseconds and technology and review; 1 or 2 seconds can be broken down very easily. That is a big gap and I am sure Kyle Raftis is looking into this currently.

Anyway the Keefe reference was in regards to me seeing an angry John Dean scolding a player which I will not name as he made his way to the end of the bench after a shift. The usual calm and polite Dean was caught on camera and I was a bit shocked but pleasantly shocked. These kids need a little fear in them at times and maybe John read my column and had enough of Mr. Nice Guy. In any event the kids love him and played hard for him last night.

The PK was very good again last night where Tye Anselmini made a point of them practicing it by taking 3 penalties. I like his grit but stay out the box Ty.

The Hounds also clicked on the PP with a goal from Bryce McConnell-Barker.

Other scorers for the Hounds were Jack Thompson, Tye Kartye, Keegan McMullen, Rory Kerins, Jordan D’Intino.

Next up for the Hounds is a back to back session at the Memorial Gardens here in the Soo against the Kitchener Rangers tomorrow and Saturday.

The Hounds need both of these games.

Go Hounds Go !

5 thoughts on “Dogs Rip Wolves Apart/Kartye Breaks Record & Did I see Sheldon Keefe @ the Game Last Night ?

  1. Chris Sierzputowski says:

    I literally started to break down the video, and I as well had the puck entering the net 6 seconds into game. I instantly knew it was a record as I was a huge Mike Kaszycki fan after his arrival from Toronto Marlboros for Cary Farelli. Interestingly, The record of 6 seconds is held by John Goodwin in a period other than the opening one!

    1. To be honest even 5 seconds showed in super slow motion so we’ll see what happens but just having you confirm is a bonus as you are def a dedicated fan. Cheers and let’s hope the team makes an announcement before tomorrow nights game.

  2. Mike says:

    Finally we are playing up to our potential. The boys just needed a reminder and took it from there great bunch of guys. Intensity was restored and it was a 60 minute effort. If we are going to do anything in the playoffs we have to start right now with a winning attitude. The game was coached differently for sure and the fore and back checking was intense and effective. Tynan finally had the support he deserves.
    Go Hounds go.

    1. I agree with you totally Mike. Yes Tucker has played hard since getting here and his record does not reflect. If the kids can keep playing hard like this; anything can happen in the playoffs. I hope Sammy gets a start this weekend as he is playing well. Cheers

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