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Hounds Move up on Windsor and Closer to Flint with 8-7 win in Extra Innings/Hounds @ Saginaw tonight

  1. Last night the Hounds scrapped their way through and ended up with the 2 points in a high energy playoff style game. The Hounds outshot the Firebirds and came out with the win in the shootout.

For most of the game, I personally thought it was quite sloppy and undisciplined but that is just the way I saw it. Whenever a team gives up 7 goals it’s not pretty. But again; the bottom line is the two points and the acknowledgment of young kids picking up the slack as per Owen Allard, Bryce MB, and Kalvyn Watson.

Sammy Ivanov got the start and gave up 4 goals on 13 shots and I do believe 2 or 3 of them he would want back. The first goal caught him off guard mentally as the Firebirds scored about 10 seconds in. The other goal or two that he would like to try to get back were goals where I felt he went down too early and was caught not positioned right.

Anyway, John Dean gave him the hook after he gave up the fourth goal.

To me; most times the coach lets the goalie try and redeem himself……..especially if the score is in their favor or tied which it was. I don’t know why Dean thought Sam had to be replaced but it is very possible that his previous injury may have been a factor and maybe Sammy was 95% going into the game and the coach thought that he doesn’t look right and didn’t want to take a chance and aggravate a healing muscle etc.

Anyway, Tucker Tynan came in and made some dynamite saves and kept the Hounds in the game. I like the way Tucker engages and actively will move the puck himself up the boards if he can but he did get burnt last night on one goal. On another note; I do like the Ron Hextall side of him and I am sure many forwards around the league know that if they mess with him, they will end up with a glove in the face or a bruise on the calf. Keep bringing it Tucker but don’t go over the edge. At some point the refs have no choice but to call a penalty on a goaltender which is very rare indeed.

Players that showed up and played hard last night were many and Kalvyn Watson was one of them picking up 5 points. Tye Kartye played a really solid game and finished his checks hard all night. I also thought D man Kirill Kudryavstev played dynamite defensively and also showed for the second game in a row flashes of brilliance where he took the puck up the ice and with a few educated deeks made it too the opposing faceoff circle with a shot on goal or a well timed pass. This kid is not known for his offense but he has some that is slowly creeping out and he does it in a very calculated way.

Like I said earlier the win was nice but make no mistakes about it; the Firebirds were very depleted with their top goalie out and a few regulars due to injury. On top of that, according the the Flint announcers a few players were injured during the game last night and didn’t play after the second half of the second period so it goes to show that the Firebirds are deep in talent and grit.

Anyway; scoring for the Hounds were Rory Kerins, Owen Allard, Kalvyn Watson, Justin Cloutier, Ryan O’Rourke, and Bryce McConnell-Baker with two.

Tonight the Hounds are in Saginaw against the Spirit.

We’ll see if the Hounds can salvage the road trip loss in Sarnia by picking up two points and heading home with 4/6 on the road which isn’t bad….isn’t bad at all.

Go Hounds Go !

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