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WW II Wreckage Found In Canadian Lake?/Guns N Knives

Wednesday September 7

Airplane Wreckage From WW II Found At Bottom of Canadian Lake ?

I couldn’t believe the caption myself until I read into it. There is quite a bit of click bait out there and I was sure this was one of them. I mean the war was fought in Europe so why would a downed plane be in a lake in Canada from the war? Well here is the answer as per Andrea Bellemare via the CBC.

“In the cold, dark and deep waters of Gander Lake, N.L., a team of divers confirmed on Monday the underwater location of a Second World War airplane that crashed there in 1943. The plane, a B-24 Liberator bomber, was carrying four men when it crashed during takeoff on Sept. 4 of that year. All four men died. 

Jill Heinerth, an explorer in residence with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, was part of the team of divers who confirmed the plane’s location.Gander Lake is very dark. The water is a red tea colour and it just absorbs all of the light, so it’s like a perpetual night dive,” Heinerth told As It Happens host Nil Köksal.

“At about 120 feet [36.5 metres] of depth, I saw the landing gear with … what appeared to be fully inflated tires. So the entire plane is upside down with, you know, wheels sticking up, basically,” she said. “And it’s kind of crumpled, but other than that, the things that we saw underwater are remarkably in incredible condition, well-preserved.”

Guns N Knives

UPDATE !! Myles Sanderson is not longer a threat as he has been taken into custody as of 3:30pm in Rosthern Saskatchewan. No it’s not a new band I am listening to or anything it is just what has been causing devastation in our country recently. By recently I actually mean over the past two years for sure. As you know two murderers from Saskatchewan went on a rampage using knives to brutally slay at least ten people to death and I believe there are about just as many in the hospital fighting for their lives. One of the accused has been found dead and the suspicion is that he may have died at the hands of his partner as the law enforcement officials have said it doesn’t look like he took his own life. The manhunt is still on for Myles Sanderson.

Here in the Soo and area we also have had many murders in the past couple of years but it is extremely alarming at how many gun incidents there have been recently. Where are the guns suddenly coming from? I mean the borders are as tight as hell so I don’t think there is a loophole there. I can almost guess without researching that in the last 12 months there have been reports of gunfire, a shooting, or an arrest of someone possessing a gun in the Soo and area least 10 times. This is alarming. The only thing that I think of for the reason of the sudden increase is the massive change in society….and those awake will know what I mean; the other reason would be the high degree of opioid and drug abuse in our community. The new Mental Health Treatment Centre in the Soo can’t come soon enough. I personally think that the city and its’ leaders have failed at most turns when $millions of dollars could have been allocated long ago to help the distressed than to bulldoze through the overwhelming objected by the public a plaza for the sake of their own egos. Anyway I got off topic a bit but poverty and mental health all contribute to the above problems that we see on a daily basis.


That's a Wrap

I am sorry for the short publication today but I have to prep and get ready for the interviews with Crystal Shawanda, Kyle Raftis and Russ Graham of the Killer Dwarfs who will be at Soo Blaster Tues Sept 13. If you need discounted tickets; I am your guy. Have a great day !!!

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