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Advanced Polls Were Surprising/Mask Mandates Coming Back/Vegus Nerve Relief In 3o Seconds?

Advanced Poll Turnout Was Surprising !

This Saturday I was surprised at how many people were engaging in the advanced polls for this great Island. I must have counted about 40 people during the fifteen minutes I was at the Township office to cast my vote. I spoke with a few people and it was encouraging that so many people realize it is their duty to take part in this democratic forum. Anyway, the poll below is anonymous so please let us know your thoughts going forward to the Election on Monday October 24th. 

Kieren Moore Is Threatening You !

In case you missed it; the public health officer of Ontario is going to decide for you whether you should have to wear a mask in public places or not. Yes, it is blackmail and the days of our own bodies and choices are out the window unless we decide for ourselves to keep fighting back.

 If someone is elderly and immune compromised, then of course stay away if you are ill. That is common sense and has been for thousands of years. 

Why is the government doing this again? Well the truth is they have contracts up to 2024 to purchase about 200 000 000 doses of the vaccine via Pfizer/BioNtech and well……..and only 16% of Ontarians have got their Booster Shot !! 

Anyway, I just figured I would let you know what they are up to and why this will be happening. 

I Tried It and Wow !!

I like to read and research as some of you know, and I saw something the other day that had caught my attention previously so I looked into it. I have seen hundreds of times articles etc. related to the vegus nerve. 

What is it?

Well “The vagus nerve is among the most complex systems of nerves in the body, running from the brain all the way to the abdomen. The purpose of the vagus nerve is to link the brain to other parts of the body. Sensations of touch, sound, and taste all originate from the vagus nerve as well as motor functions of the throat, heart, and involuntary muscles of the digestive tract. Damage to the vagus nerve is tied to a wide range of issues from trouble swallowing to heart rhythm issues and problems with digestion. The vagus nerve is a vast network of nerves which allows the body to run like a well oiled machine and plays a key role in the body’s stress response and gut health.”

Anyway I found dozens of instructional videos on YouTube on how to reset it etc. and after checking out a few I settled on this one. It was short (video), and too the point. And it Worked !!!!!

You see, I have had two neck surgeries as per congenital cervical stenosis (narrow neck canal) where the nerves going from my brain down through my neck to my body are crowded and have been impinged leading to loss of muscular growth or feeling. Anyway, this is not a poor me piece as things are fine. The one thing though is that I have restricted neck movement via side to side so I tried this exercise and after 30 seconds it worked. If you want to give it a shot for giggles… on the video below. 

Socials & Stuff

  • $1 COFFEE !! Meet Candidate for Mayor Barry Elliott at The Wharf Coffee Shop on Monday (Oct 17) 10-2

    Alcoholics Anonymous Meets @ 7pm/Rear entrance United Church Every Friday


    Skye Wallace plays the Richards Landing Hall/Oct 29 @ 8pm


    Are You Registered to Vote?/St. Joseph Township/(705) 246-2625


    IMPORTANT / Please vote for your township / OCTOBER 24 !!!

  • Legion Halloween Dance Oct 29/9pm-1am/Call for Tickets (705) 246-2494


13 thoughts on “Advanced Polls Were Surprising/Mask Mandates Coming Back/Vegus Nerve Relief In 3o Seconds?

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