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Shopping Baskets At Grocery Stores Are Purposely Being Removed……..Not Stolen

Don't Kid Yourself

Today I went to my local grocery store and for the second time in about two weeks was frustrated that there wasn’t any grocery baskets to be found. When the girl at the checkout asked me to donate to another cause that impacts the financially harshipped customer but gives the company good publicity with tax benefits, I decided to ask where all the shopping baskets have gone. 

As she is doing her job she said they were stolen; they had 100 and now only two. I laughed and so did the others standing in line behind me. 

Someone also mentioned that the same thing is happening at WalMart. 

Well I don’t believe in coincidences at that level so I said to the poor agent ringing in my groceries that it is strange that the security guards don’t go after the people doing this. Those baskets are not like carts and are not to be removed from the building. I didn’t get an answer. 

If you leave the store with something that does not belong to you or haven’t been paid for, the security detail meets you in the parking lot. What’s the difference? Exactly …there is no difference. 

One lady upon leaving told me to keep researching and we both laughed. 

I have read many stories about this crop circle kind of mystery and actually think crop circles are real….this excuse not lol.

What do I think is going on? Well I figure that logically only one thing is happening. 

Just like they roped us into giving up plastic bags with the excuse of the Climate Scam……………they are using their monopolistic policies to make more money and here is how. 

If you go into a store to buy six items that fit in a basket but impulse shop and the basket gets heavy; you don’t go get another basket. You either remove some items or go to the checkout and leave the store after your purchases………………..but if the baskets are not there anymore….and you can’t carry seven items, you go and get a cart. Well now you can do all the impulse shopping you want and your original $38 shopping spree turns into a $84 impulse spree and a winfall upsale for the store to the tune of $46. 

My suggestion to this is to do this. Go in with your grocery bag of choice and fill it like you would your basket and when you are ready to leave put the bag on the counter, unload your items, let the clerk inspect the bag and then put the items back in the bag. 

A store cannot pull you aside for shoplifting because you are not as you have not left the store without paying for the items. 

The baskets are not being stolen. They are removing them for profit purposes, just like for example cheese bricks are smaller with the same prices in tact. It is all about greed. 


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