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Hounds Leading the League While Missing a Key Player Due to Return

Connor Clattenburg Is the Hounds Wild Card

With a league leading 5-1 record to start this season and the most goals (37) you would think the Hounds have been using all of their weapons….but they haven’t.

Undisciplined at times last year, 2nd year forward CC has yet to dress this year due to suspension carry over and minor injury. 

I feel that when Connor returns which could be tonight or very soon, he will make a strong team even stronger. 

This kid brings heart, character, and scoring; although he only had 10 points in 56 games last year, keep in mind it is hard to score when you are sitting in the penalty box for 115 minutes.

I really think Connor had a plan last year and that was to play and stick with the team. With that solidified I don’t think he will be as undisciplined as last year, but make no mistake about it he will play the same strong in your face scrappy game that this team needs.

Now, moving forward; the stats say it all ….to an extent. Yes the Hounds are averaging about 6 goals a game but having played only 6 you have to keep that number relative as 11 of their 37 goals came in a blowout on opening night agains Flint. 

Now so far the Hounds are doing great with a 2nd overall PP and a 5th overall PK.

Now let’s stick with the PK because it ties into an area the Hounds need to work on and that is goals against. 

Charlie and Landon have played good; great at times but let’s say very good for the most part. 

I quickly went over the numbers and the Hounds are about 16th overall in goals against giving up 23 for an average of 3.8 or just under 4 a game which will not win you championships. 

All too often during the last road trip the Hounds got caught at times running around and the pk looked more like pin the tail on the donkey than a box formation. 

Coach Dean commented as much about the Windsor game and lack of structure and he is right. 

But moving forward it is early in the season and Hounds are off to a great start, even cracking the CHL top 10 list this week. 

I see a strong performance tonight from the Hounds and especially from Jack Beck who will want to show His former employer the Ottawa 67’s up for letting him go. 

After tonight the Hounds play Owen Sound and then back on the road next week. 

Go Hounds Go !!