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Hounds Make a Slew Of Moves: New Dogs are (Gold Metalist) Gavin Hayes & Jacob Frasca

Gone are Brenden Sirizzotti, Connor Clattenberg & Alex Kostov

As well, the Hounds gave up 7 draft picks but to go the distance you have to give it everything you’ve got. I had been talking recently of the Hounds having to part ways with some of their future and Alex Kostov just may have been the sacrificial lamb. 

The Hounds were looking for scoring and they got it. Gavin who’s younger brother Travis is also a Hound put up big numbers last year with 81 points in 66 games. This year his output is similar with 36 points in 27 games. 

Jacob Frasca comes in with 12 points but has only played 17 games. 

Both kids are character players as they where the “A” on their jerseys.

Is Kyle done? 

We will have to see but it is confirmed we are going all in this year. It is going to be exciting.

Thank you to the departing boys for your great help this year and to future success.

Go Hounds Go !