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Slowly (20 Years) & Without Public Notice Hounds Remove Vanbiesbroucks Banner from Rafters

You Can't Be Half Pregnant

Roughly twenty years after former Hounds player and partial owner John Vanbiesbrouck made a certainly disgusting remark about former player Trevor Daley by using the “N” word; the Hounds organization after much deliberation (20 years LOL) decide to take down the banner of the said. 

Now I get it; we are in different times these days…..everyone is offended……….BUT……20 years later? Tim (Lukenda) seriously?

This should have been done immediately and I am sure there was talk about it and twenty years ago the consensus was His racist comment had nothing to do with his hockey playing skills; end of story. 

Anyway, the interesting thing is this; Tim Lukenda who I respect and thank for keeping the Hounds here (but I can also disagree at times) said 2 things that are a bit contradicting. 

First he said (of the banner removal) “Basically, we want to make sure we are creating a welcoming environment for all of our guests, players, former players and families.” and then follows up with “The jersey #1 remains retired and will not be worn by any other Greyhound in the future,”

Read both of those twice if you have to. So I guess future players will be offended and maybe not report if they see a banner in the rafters and understand the circumstances behind it…… but if a quality goalie who wore #1 for his young career signs with the team and asks to wear #1 He is told no He can’t? Please explain.

This makes absolutely no sense. (feature image lol) 

Go Hounds Go !!