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The Hounds Need To Play Like Brady Martin Every Shift


With six wins in their last seven games you would think things are great but they are not. I have noticed some things that won’t get the boys far in the playoffs unless they are corrected. 

The Hounds need to work on a once lethal power play as it has dropped all year. At the beginning of the year you could wait for the shot to come from Karki but I rarely see it. I also see that my favorite player Kirill Kudryavstev has been playing a bit off lately and has given up some pucks, made bad passes etc. During this time he has also made some great plays but rarely have I seen KK making errors and I am seeing them the last little while. Keeping Kirill, I think he passes far to often (especially on the power play) when he has a clear shot at the net. Shooting even it not resulting in a direct goal produces results; garbage goals from rebounds they call them.

The Hounds are lacking intensity and we are seeing it often. I know the kids are tired at this time of year but it’s part of the price you pay to make it to the next level. 

The Hounds play their best when they finish checks and to be honest; the best player last night in my opinion was rookie Brady Martin.  This kid over the last 6 games has found his place and hits harder than most Hounds aside from Gibson and he uses his body to control the puck.

I think going into the playoffs this kid is going to be a weapon. He has shown OHL high-end skill and confidence recently and I think some of the older kids will need to look in the mirror because if Brady gets hot; they are going to lose ice time. 

Goaltending; I Understand John Dean wanting to give ice time to rookie Millar in case Schenkle goes down but with Charlie playing great and winning three in a row….you should be riding him until he plays a bad game. I think John may have taken Mississauga a bit light and put Landon in between the pipes. 

Although I am happy with where the Hounds are right now; I believe things need to be tweaked because every game forward is not going to be easy. Teams are fighting for playoff spots; teams and kids are fighting for their careers, and teams are fighting to beat one of the best teams in the league…the Greyhounds.