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We Told Ya So !!! Tucker Carlson Interview Is Going To Finally Make You Think

Listen With Your Heart and Not Your Ego

I have read many books on the evil Vlad Putin and they were all written by American writers and presented an unbiased view. I read the Putin Diaries by Oliver Stone and even watched the video and was blown away at how intelligent and un-evil he was. 

That’s all I heard for years ….Russia Bad….West Good…..but I didn’t buy it. I know better.

You don’t judge a book by its’ cover and you read it and make your conclusion on your own merit…..not what everyone on tv says. 

Many were fooled, duped during the C19 fiasco and yes….I didn’t buy most of it; as it turns out … instincts and findings were accurate then. It is called critical thinking and research. 

Anyway; after the Carlson-Putin interview which is going to be at and X anytime now; if you watch it with an open heart you are going to hear what many have been telling you; Putin doesn’t want to invade countries and steal land….that’s the job of the West who’s proven it time and again (Iraq/Libya/Vietnam/Korean War/Afghanistan) etc, he (Putin) wanted to end the bloodbath in the Donbass region where ethnic Russians were being killed in a civil war as they wanted to separate. The other thing he is going to tell you is that NATO (which is not a defensive organization as they say)…..have crept closer and closer to Russia’s borders and that was not supposed to happen. Now countries including Finland  have been bribed to joining and thus….right on Russia’s doorstep is Western (USA led) military bases which will be built. He will tell you about the Minsk Agreements and the Coup of 2014. This your Western puppet media doesn’t tell you. 

Zelensky is the only war mongerer and if Russia wanted to take Ukraine they would have by now. 

The Special Military Operation was to take out military infrastructure that was on Russia’s borders and de nazify the elements of the neo Nazi ideology in the Army. 

The last straw was Ukraine asking to be a NATO member and for years the Russian gov’t pleaded with the West that there was a red line……..and because of the disregard for human life mainly from Washington who is fighting a proxy war using Ukrainians as body bags……The Russian President had to make a decision. 

If you remember what happened when Soviet Union put missiles in Cuba you should understand the logic. BTW; those missiles were there because the US had missiles in Turkey. 

Both were removed and Nuclear War was averted. 

I hope you open your hearts and realize the picture is big and without hearing both sides…’d be pretty foolish to rely on just on what the all mighty West says….

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