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Hounds Can Stun the Knights Tonight & Get In Their Playoff Heads

It’s not too often that a team can say they won all of the games against the London Knights during a campaign but it might happen tonight. 

The Hounds have dominated winning three in a row including a routing of 8-2 February 16 at the Budweiser Centre. 

Too say that London is going to play tough, chippy, and fast is an understatement. The Knights have had this game penciled and circled for a month and for two reasons. They need to make a statement that they can beat the Hounds which is very important if they face them in the playoffs. 

The keys for the Hounds will have to be discipline; Hunter is going to get his guys to chirp and get under the Hounds skin… out for Sawyer Boulton (who elbowed Bryce McConnell-Barker on Dec 10 which cost us our star player to miss about 14 games) to get things started. This kid is only known for one thing and is playing dirty and fighting. 


If the Hounds can stay out of the box and keep London to the perimeter I think they will have a great chance of a win; remember for whatever reason, the Hounds play better on the road. 

With the Hounds being healthy and Travis Hayes soon to return things look good. Jack Beck is playing really well and Jacob Frasca has found himself. The player I think will be the biggest surprise for the rest of the season and playoffs is BRADY MARTIN. The kid since coming back from the Christmas holidays is a new man; he has put on weight, his hockey confidence and IQ have risen big time and he is one of the strongest guys on the boards. He shows poise and confidence out there like a 3rd or 4th year player. 

Go Hounds GO