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Hounds Lose to Pumped London Knights Squad

London Solves Soo 6-3

In a critical game for the standings and for confidence London came out swinging and dominated the Hounds for most of the game. London had lost their previous games to the Soo this year and needed to get that monkey off of their backs and did in quite the fashion.

The game was penalty filled with match penalties, fights, and a handful of questionable calls which helped make the difference. London has a lethal power play and the Hounds didn’t have an answer. 

The Hounds played catch up most of the night and there were not many bright spots. Jacob Frasca and the McConnell-Barker brothers scored the Hounds 3 goals and Charlie Schenkel took the loss. Gavin Hayes assisted on all three goals in a losing effort. London announcers kept saying the Hounds came in with a healthy team but since Travis Hayes went down with an injury some weeks back the team seems to be different. Let’s hope he returns soon. 

What I question is John Deans pulling the goalie with too much time on the clock as of late. He has pulled his goalie with 2, 3, 4, 5, minutes left in games this year and unless you are on a power play, surrendering a meaningless goal with so much time left like last nights Londons 6th goal is confusing. The Hounds of late have a hard enough time getting pucks to the net on a 5 on 4 power play so it is beyond me why he would think that 6 on 5 would be any easier. There are too many kids on the ice and with 3+ minutes left there was plenty of time to get to within one and then pull the goalie but Kaleb Lawrence put all hopes down with an empty netter with two and a half minutes left. I am not criticizing I am just calling it the way I see it. 

Anyway, the Hounds return to action tonight against Owen Sound.

Go Hounds Go.