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HOUNDS Sweep up Storm Aftermath/Saginaw to be Toughest Op

The Soo Greyhounds fought back Monday and it surely paid off. If they play the whole game tonight with the intensity they showed when they were down 4-1 on Thursday; they can sweep the Storm and rest injured players like Jack Beck and Travis Hayes longer. Travis is day to day I think, and considering where the Hounds are in the series, it would understandable if Coach Dean gives him the night off. 

The Hounds need to play with that intensity every shift and Coach Dean and his staff… good as they obviously are…..has in my opinion dropped the ball in that area at times all year. It almost bit them in the ass Monday. He needs these kids to know that they will not get a pass for rusty or slack effort….playoffs or not. I hope they learned their lesson. 

Will Dean go back with Schenkle or reward Millar with some more playoff experience tonight ? It’s a hard question to answer. Charlie was left out to dry a bit the other night and John switched things up to send a message to the kids. Schenkle is the most experienced and better of the two goalies but Millar came in and made some big saves ….breakaways and all. Should he be rewarded for that ? Yes of course….but not in the playoffs. I would hope that Dean goes back with Charlie who is deeper in experience and a more relaxed personality.

BMB was a star out ther and I liked KK’s game; He is still my favorite kid on the team. 

I loved the set play Brendan Taylor called to end the game on the PP in OT but I have to ask……why am I not seeing the set play on the power play that was used during the first 20 games of the season where Karki would be set up for a one timer on the edge of the circle to the left of the opponets goalie? I swear he was scoring/hitting posts left right and center and all of a sudden I wasn’t seeing it. 

Anyway; I hate to spoil former Saulite  Ryan Pyette London Free Press prediction for this series…but the Hounds are not winning this in 6 as the traiter said lol….. they are winning it in 4. 

Go Hounds Go !