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Hounds Sweep up Storm but Saginaw Is Brewing Their Own

The Soo Greyhounds had a relatively easy go against a formidable opponent in the Guelph Storm; sweeping the series last night 4 games to zero.

The kids played disciplined hockey with strong goaltending and a strong forcheck that were keys to their success.

Standouts were as always, Charlie Schenkle, BMB, Hayes, Frasca, D’Intino and an honerable mention to young guns Brady Martin and Spencer Evans. Every kid on that bench including Millar (backup goalie) deserve to be proud of themselves. The Hounds played without star Jack Beck and Travis Hayes. Both of these kids will benefit from the lengthy rest as they dont’ start the next round until ….. I am thinking Tues/Wednesday of next week. Some suggest late next week but I am just guessing that if the league works in tandem with the two GMs’ ; both would agree a start with 4/5 days rest would be best. A delay that is two long might jeopardize a teams rhythm and chemistry. I don’t know if two rounds can play at the same time so that is something to consider. We’ll see what happens. 

Next up the Hounds will face probably the team that will give more of everything in the gas tank to win than any other team. They will use up the most miniscule of fumes as they MUST win the series. The Saginaw Spirit won the bid to host the Memorial Cup this year and no team ….I repeat….no team or organization will want to get in through the backdoor. If you are not much of a hockey fan; that means that even if the Saginaw Spirit didn’t make the playoffs this year, they would get a “buy” and be included in the tournament. 

Before the trade deadline and during the season the Spirit bought and bought and acquired the likes of players Owen Beck,  Jorian Donovan, Aidan Castle, Rodwin Dionicio, Ethan Hay, Alex Christopoulos, Nolan Lalonde,  to complement an already strong team that is made up with the likes of Michael Misa (75pts), Saultite Calem Mangone (63pts), Hunter Haight (67pts) and the most incredible thing is that the Spirit were led in points by Zayne Parekh (96pts) who is a DEFENSEMAN !!! WOW !  We cannot forget the two coaches. John Dean has shown how fast he can develop young kids into seasoned junior players in quick fashion and on the other side the Spirit have a premier seasoned coach in Chris Lazary who along with GM Dave Drinkill signed 3 year contract extensions last year.

Talent wise I am giving the edge slightly to Saginaw but individual talent only goes so far. 

For the Hounds to win they are going to need to play with passion, confidence, sacrifice and utilize the talent they most certainly have.  This is going to be a tough long series that may go 6 or 7 games. 

I am going to say that if the Hounds get Jack Beck back….it would be like winning the lottery.

Head to head this year I believe both teams won 4 times so it is a deadlock in that category but the thing of interest is that the last time the teams played Saginaw hammered and embarrassed the Soo 9-2. I totally don’t agree… for many reasons when coaches rest star players for the last two games etc of the season. Fans $pay for a good game and 9-2 is like a comment I read recently...” is a pretty expensive exhibition game” and he is right. Kids can get injured during the first 20 minutes of any game; look what happened to Jack Beck for instance. The fans deserve the best product at all times. Thes kids love to play and if your worried about a star getting targeted in a game late in the season during a game and your fate has been determined as per a playoff spot….keep him on the bench more than not ….but don’t short the paying public and announce….days in advance that the stars are going to sit for the last two games. I think I remember London started doing this ….and every other coach just started to do it…and when Hunter started throwing out 4 or 5 forwards on the power play….guess what ….the rest of the coaches followed suit….I mean lol…I am getting wound up but what I am saying is that last blow out 9-2 could get in the heads of some of these young kids. Had the Hounds played all of the players and won the game….well the season would have ended with the Hounds winning the season series 5-3  and thus….thus my friends….maybe that would have left a bad taste and maybe a small sense of insecurity in the heads of the Saginaw Squad….Rant Over….nothing person John. 

Go Hounds Go…..This is going to be one hell of a series.