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Hounds Are Missing Jack Beck and It shows in 4-0 Loss in Game 1 to Saginaw

The Hounds played a strong and intense 1st period but in the end they couldn’t get any great Grade A chances on Andrew Oke

The Hounds peppered many shots but they were coming from the perimeter. I believe this strategy was good as it gave the Hounds many faceoffs in the offensive zone as Andrew would hold onto the puck…but the problem was they didn’t win too many faceoffs so that was all for nil.

Jack Beck the teams highest scorer is surely missed and like I said..,.if it is concussion protocol….we may not see him this playoff season….but I hope I am wrong. Travis Hayes and Brady Martin played strong games but BMB, Gavin Hayes and Frasca were hit and miss all night. 

They were playing the Spirits top line and I hope John Dean mixes up those lines tomorrow night. The Hounds had to kill 4 penalties and I thought they did a great job pressuring Saginaw. Once Saginaw got got the first and second goals the Hounds were deflated; remember the last time the teams met….the Hounds were trounced 9-2 and I still don’t agree the Dean resting players because the public pays for the best product on the ice every night and the kids that did play had to endure that embarrassment.

As much as I am a fan of John Deans coaching……his team has been netorious for taking too many men on the ice penalties all year and regardless of who jumped on when… is the coaches error

Another thing that boggles my mind is why …why …why in Gods name would you pull Schenkle with almost 5 minutes to play????   The Hounds had trouble all night with Grade A chances. Dean has done this all year…….and each time… is for not. Last night…..I couldn’t believe he did it again….and I knew it would burn us….Sure as shit……Hounds give up an empty netter and lose 4-0. 

So here were are….the Hounds know that the last two games against Saginaw they have been destroyed by a margine of 13-2. That doesn’t sit well with the confidence. 

Coach Dean post game spoke of how Saginaw may be getting the benefit of calls for and against the Hounds this year and I think he is treading on thin ice. I believe in freedom of speech but society and the league don’t. Whether your team is one of the least penalized all year doesn’t give you a pass. Each game is different. I don’t think the refs are out to get them in my opinion. Bad calls happen all the time and I think the game was officiated properly. Near the end of the game Travis Hayes boarded a Windsor player into the boards which looked brutal and thank God the kid got up or that could have been a 5 minute major. 

Anyway; I am not anti John Dean; afterall he got us here and has produced great players and teams for many years for us. All I am saying is that in my opinion, he needs to reevalutate on the fly and for Gods sakes….break up some of the lines tomorrow night. Throw a wrench into Chris Lazarys game plan because he may have to split some lines to cover the Hounds have major scoring threats like BMB, Gavin Hayes, Frasca, etc on three lines….not one. 

If the Hounds are going to win….that’s what needs to happen in my opinion and we all need to pray that Jack Beck plays., 

Go Hounds Go