Our Loved Ones………………………..Volbeat

Album Outlaw Gentleman and Shady Ladies

Released 2013

Vocals/Guitar Michael Poulsen, Lead Guitar Rob Caggiano, Bass Anders Kjølholm Drums Jon Larsen

These Danish rockers flew under my radar 4 many a year. I am not sure what got me onto them, but I listen to their melodic hardcore tunes working out and it sure helps; especially during the cardio segments.

World-class vocals, crunchy guitar riffs, and great lyrics sets these guys among the Gods including Odin.

To be honest, all I knew about  Denmark until I found Volbeat was that they were famous for their pastries, dogs, and the home of the LEGO brand.

One more thing before you listen to this catchy track; I had to copy and paste Anders full name above as my laptop doesn’t seem to have a minuscule key Ø. Boy of boy, those great Danes are interesting aren’t they ?


Thanks for Reading !


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