Alison Hell…………………..Annilhilator

Album Alice In Hell

Released 1989

Label Roadrunner Records

Cast Jeff Waters Guitar/Vocals/Songwriter Randy Rampage Vocals Ray Hartmann Drums

Nope, not a type o; the album is called Alice in Hell, but the above song is technically Alison Hell. The reason? I can’t tell you; maybe Roadrunner had to shorten the number of letters as per an ink shortage ?.

Anyway, this is one of my first encounters with speed metal and listening to the beginning intro Crystal Ann; you would never have guessed the album could be so heavy.

This song has stood the test of time and Jeff Waters and Annihilator are still going strong with about 20 albums to their credit. These guys, just like so many other Canadian hard rockers have a HUGE following in Europe.

Something you may or may not know about Jeff, is that his marriage to his lovely wife Angela was officiated by none other than his good friend and rock God David Ellefson of Megadeth fame.

This song comes in at 1.6 Million views on YouTube alone, so it is definitely worth the 6:42 minutes to go back in time.

Now, before I forget; I would be pissed if I were Him and He was left out of this short piece on the song.

By Him, I am referring to the co writer of the above classic tune; a Mr. John Bates (Bif Naked, Sloan, The Real McKenzies etc)

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