Tokyo Road………………Bon Jovi

Album 7800º Fahrenheit

Released 1985

Label Mercury Records

BandCampers Jon Bon Jovi/Vocals Richie Sambora Guitars Alec John Such Bass Tico Torres Drums David Bryan Keyboards

“Sakura Sakura Yayoi No Sora Wa Mi-Watasu Kagiri”

Yes, I too have always wondered what that mumbo jumbo was at the beginning of this song was?, so after 40 years or so of steady research, I finally figured it out. My friend Joseppie Google tells me that this is a popular Japanese traditional song called Cherry Blossom.

The lyrics translated are cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms, across the spring sky, As far as the eye can see.

I remember listening to this tune in my friend **** Nogalos’ basement while we were kids.

We would crank it while were were playing whatever on his miniature pool/ping pong table.

I do mean miniature, as I remember the billiards were no bigger than an actuall ping pong balls, and when we put the ping pong table cover on to play PP, the ping pong ball was no bigger than the a Boulder (a large marble).

He had the tape (yes kids…tape….cassette….) playing in his Fisher brand ghetto blaster that I believe he bought at Moore’s Audio Visual here in the Soo.

The Japanese build state of the art products and I remember my ghetto at the time was a really really great sounding Akai.

Speaking of Japanese, ?I think I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m Japanese, I really think so?

The quick ones will get the above reference

Thanks 4 Reading /  ???????????


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