Sleeping in the Fire………………………………………W.A.S.P.

Album W.A.S.P.

Released 1984

Musicians Blackie Lawless Lead Vocals/Bass/Producer Chris Holmes Lead Guitar Randy Piper Guitars Vocals Tony Richards Drums

Label CapitolĀ 

Yes 1984 was a big year for music in the hardrock scene, as it was during the music video phase like Much Music here in the Great White north eh? and MTV down south.

Although Blackie was most obviously the driving force behind the band, I picked this version as Chris is no slouch either. In the comments section of the song, I am not sure what drugs some people are smoking because Bumblefoot does one hell of a job singing and playing lead guitar. Amazing range Ron my friend !!!

One more thing about Blackie; I interviewed Erica Ehm about a year ago, and she said that one of her most memorably experiences of a person she interviewed was Blackie. She said he was very very smart and well read, and one of the nicest musicians she met during her days working for Moses Znaimer

Anyway Chris, I am still waiting on that interview ???????????? for your Canadian Family of Fans !!

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