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Hounds vs Attack Tonight/Charlie Schenkel Dealt to Rockland/Gloves Must Come Off Now !!

Tonight the Soo Greyhounds will try and fend off the Attack the Owen Sound team will bring.

Charlie Schenkel

Before going into the game day report, I have confirmed that goalie Charlie Schenkel was involved in a CCHL level trade with the Rockland Nationals. The Nationals after acquiring Charlie, sent goalie Simon Couroux to the Edmunston Blizzard of the MHL.

This is great news for fans of the young man knowing that he will not be just watching and practicing but will be in the lineup (when the CCHL resumes play) and developing as he should. I have always liked his butterfly and flopping style and wish him the best of luck.

True to his word once again; kudos to Kyle Raftis for getting this done.

Gloves Need to Come Off

On another note; if the owners don’t collectively speak up against these on and off again restrictions to their livelihood and the livelihood of their employees and fans….it’s about time to think about not renewing your season tickets.

There are too many contradictions and you…the fans are paying for it. The owners are in a tight spot because speaking out has repercussions, but if they collectively speak out, they may avoid these. As long as they remain silent, this nightmare may never end. All around the world, there are leagues and sports being played with fans in attendance and have not stopped like it has in Canada; Ontario being hit the hardest.

If the owners don’t signal they are going to bat; I would be emailing the media relations guy [email protected] and letting him know that you will not or are seriously thinking of not renewing your tickets for September. Doing this now will send a hard message and may force the hand of the Hounds ownership to start chatting amongst the other owners. I want the Hounds organization to succeed as much as the most loyal fan, but rather than a team folding slowly because of inaction, I would rather see a fight when there is still time This has to stop and many fans have already been turned off and will not come back. To the ownership group; please stand up and fight for your loyal fans who have kept you afloat for decades.

…and the idea of putting cardboard fans in the stands is an embarrassment in my opinion and only signals how desperate things are getting. Is it possible that the absence of the energy and hum from the crowd may have affected the team? I think so; some players think so, and by coming up with this idea only confirms to me it is true.

Think about it people; the fact that the OHL is playing and being allowed to because they are considered “elite professionals” is disgusting. A virus or ailment doesn’t pick and chose where it lands.


Moving on to tonights game.

Tale of the Tape


Coach Greg Walters

GM Dale DeGray

Record 13-11-1-2

Leading the way for the Attack are Deni Goure with 29 points, Servac Petrovsky (22), and Ethan Burroughs (21). Defensively, Owen Sound are good and sit 6th in the 20 team league regarding goals against as they have only given up 97 in 27 games. A few days ago the Attack shutout Sarnia 5-0 and are 5-5 in their last ten games.



Coach John Dean 

GM Kyle Raftis

Record 18-12-2-0

Tonight the Hounds will get a lift from three guys in attendance. Newly acquired D man Jack Thompson will provide backend stability and some offense. I am sure he will be on the first unit of the powerplay as he loves to score. This will bolster the Hounds killer “attack” on the PP. The Hounds will also be joined by winters Keegan McMullen and Ty Anselmini and their seasoned strong bodies and experience will come in handy on the boards. It may take a few games for these kids to show what they have but they will blend quite well into John Deans game.

Tye Kartye, Rory Kerins, and Jack Thompson will lead the way. Tucker Tynan or Sammy Ivanov will play a hard solid game to offset last weeks humiliation as a “one-off” 


Go Hounds Go 


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