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Common Sense Isn’t that Common Anymore

This is being said in reference to a chat with a lady I have met since I moved to the Island. It was referenced via a complaint/comment on a FB page regarding her frustration and the frustration of others that some people are constantly bringing their motorized pleasure craft into the swimming area of the WI Beach.

Now I have heard rumblings of this nature before but have never witnessed it. I have spent maybe 5 hours tops at the beach and have not witnessed the above events. I know; what is 5 hours? It is like looking up at the night sky every night for 10 minutes and because you haven’t seen a shooting star you think they don’t exist. 

My position is one of understanding the dilemma and two; a very simple way to solve this problem. First of all I am curious how long this problem has been going on? I am sure that since the quarantine at times of C19 and the years of restricted travel it would have been less, but if it was going on before that: then why hasn’t it been rectified?

The Township of St Joseph recently put up a bulletin on their FB page to call the Thessalon OPP if witnessing such above events. Would it not be a waste of resources if the OPP were here on a call of such a nature and there was a car accident that needed their assistance and it was delayed as per dealing with this issue? You don’t have to school me that this problem is serious because I understand it is. I just don’t think calling the police over some kids jet skiing or a family boating too close to the beach is warranted UNLESS they knew the law and chose to break it. In that case; by all means have them fined and chances are the $200 or $300 fine or whatever will send a message.  

Again; regarding my statement of “would it not be a waste of resources etc…would be justified if there was a very simple solution that I see but some don’t.

Many of these events are caused (I would assume) by vacationers and tourists as a matter of mere ignorance of the law to which is no excuse and yes to a great extent….some have no common sense?

The Township says it is “illegal” for motorized boaters to be in the swim area and I agree 100%. Is it a SeaDoo coming in to the shore or a small boat coming into anchor? It doesn’t matter; the law is the law. 


I know the WI takes great pride in the beach and area I have written glowingly about it previously. I feel a simple solution to this problem would be for the citizens to go to council and ask that they put up two signs. One at the furthest raft and one somewhere near the parking lot where cars and trucks disembark.

The sign would saying nothing more of less than “under by-law 1240 motorized water craft are prohibited from anchoring or maneuvering anywhere past this point and subject to a penal fine”

There are a lot of people that just don’t get it and sometimes you have to put in plain English. Other times people have to be polite and inform the infracters and you’d be surprised at how easily problems go away. 

If you have a positive or polite comment on the matter I would certainly like to see it in the comment section below. Anyway ; have a nice night. !

22 thoughts on “Common Sense Isn’t that Common Anymore

  1. Evelyn Reid says:

    Down south on Lake Simcoe there are large red buoys with weights put out in the Spring in a semi-circle around many beach areas. And many local residents buy their own and put them in front of their property in an effort to keep boats from swimming areas. Possibly a service club or two would raise money to buy these buoys and weights? And volunteers would be responsible for putting them out and bring them in mid September as I don’t think any St Joseph township have boats at their disposal.

    Although Lake Simcoe is patrolled routinely by local police that isn’t an option on the Great Lakes.

  2. Che says:

    Thanks Evelyn for the kind reply. If you have not joined The St Joe’s Islander Review on FB please do. Have a super day. !

  3. peter moseley says:

    hope a good solution is found soon

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