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You’re Vibrating Now and You Don’t Even Know It

Dr. Leonard Horowitz & 528

For years I have had problems sleeping to the point where I use prescription sleep medication to wind down and crash. My mind just never stops whether things are good or bad; it is just in my DNA. 

Over the decades I have also resorted to late night talk radio to help me relax and sleep and to this day, I go to bed with a rebroadcast of one of the thousands of Art Bell/Coast to Coast AM shows playing in the background. 

During one of the the broadcasts, I came across an interview with a Dr. Len Horowitz; I have also known about this Dr. from YouTube as I had been searching for information on sleep and relaxation and somehow we connected. To make a long story short; he is known for his knowledge of the human body via how we react to certain sounds. 

Horowitz suggests with much scientific evidence that certain frequencies can alter the human mind. I started to look into this deeper and have found this to be true. If you search via YT “positive frequencies” etc you will come up with a long list of suggestions regarding music and sounds that can do anything from put you to sleep to elevate your mood. I have tried this at times and I honestly think it works. With the bell or piano tones set to a certain frequecy, I would feel an unmistakeable and noticeable change in my mood or attitude. Now whether or not this is a placebo effect I don’t know; but I know I felt better so it doesn’t matter how. 

That F is 528 Hz 

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In the attached video which is only a few minutes long you will hear Dr. H explain why I would be feel better and why it is so powerful. There is also something called binaural beats which are basically two tones melded into one and it has much fanfare as well. The theory is that you have one speaker or ear piece where the sound is coming in at a certain F and the other at a different one. The result is supposed to be harmonious and thus alter the human brain circuit to alter the mood you are going after. 

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) based out of United Staes military has been studying and perfecting this for decades. Their aim is mind control and this is no theoryDARPA MIND CONTROL article This information is widely public and so is the their study of ways to use sound and vibrations to interface with the human brain. Elon Musks’ Neuralink is also about connecting the brain to AI using brain implants, and not only is it the future; it is the present….here and now, and being implanted and implemented around the world. 

How does this connect with 528? Well after you watch the video you will know that it is based on the late Nikola Tesla and his theory that you can control the brain and mind with frequencies. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Our entire biological system – the brain and the earth itself – work on the same frequencies. If we can control that resonate system electronically, we can directly control the entire mental system of humankind”…. (1856-1943)

I know I may be all over the map with this right now but I just wanted to introduce to you some really cool information. The kicker coming back to present day is this… and maybe this is why it is full circle for me. In a 1998 broadcast with Art Bell, the topic Dr. Horowitz was talking about then was viruses, vaccines, and things of that nature. That interview is amazing as he says back then….almost 25 years ago, that the pharma industry is pretty controversial; he uses the word SCAM. He relates Ebola and others viruses as part of it … that the companies….. whether they are working with biolabs and the military at Fort Detrick or wherever,….. use “gain of function” to make a known pathogen moral lethal in order to produce the recipe for a cure. I hope this doesn’t alarm you but these are his own words that long ago. Click Here to see Faucis Connection/Gain of Function/Senator Rand Paul 

Anyway this is not my platform to push or promote anything heavy…sometimes things just take on a life of its’ own. I will stop and turn around as we can save the “censored” stuff for another day. 

I hope you check out the video and enjoy; if you get a chance do a little research and let me know how it goes. YouTube “positive energy happiness frequencies” and choose one and let it play in the background while you are going about your day; just don’t pick the one to help you relax and sleep………………if you are going to be driving.  



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