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You Could Feel The Pain In His Eyes/Jack Russell Interview

Just watching the frontman speak was hard at times. Sometimes his words broke a bit, but Jack Russell struggled on discussing the upcoming release Americas Deadliest Concert: The Guest List.

On Feb 20 2003 the tragedy at the Station nightclub took over 100 souls. The nightmare left many many more scarred both physically and mentally during a pyrotechnics accident and insufficient fire codes and safety protocols.

Adding to the somber mood was the fact that the once energic frontman, appeared that his years were slowly catching up to him. In his defense he was bundled up in some sort of shawl or blanket as it was a tad chilly in Mile High City where is spends is time.

Regarding any chance about playing again with his old bandmates, Mark Kendall and Michael Lardie,; he would only that say anything’s possible but hasn’t spoken to either one in about ten years.

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