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Who Are You Voting 4 ? Not Sure ? What About a Debate ?/ Soo Greyhounds

Who Are You Voting For ?

I have received much feedback regarding the candidates running for Mayor this October. The indicators are as per views and I am a little surprised. Without divulging anything; I am sincerely curious to your thoughts on who you will tick off in the box/circle on election day. You can leave your (thoughts) them in the comment section below and you do not have to give your name or email etc. Just fill out the blanks as per an anonymous name….maybe Sprinkles your cat? The Office fans will get that one. I am also curious if you would be interested in a Zoom Video platform of a debate between the candidates if I could set it  up? Anyway, I appreciate the following I am building on the Island as per my articles and please invite your friends to St Joseph Islander Review / Facebook


Greyhounds Are Only 8 Sleeps Away

The Soo Greyhounds are just around the corner in regards to the beginning of the 22/23 OHL season. I know many of us are looking forward to this as it brings a sense of joy in watching the kids play and it kind of gives us a timeout from reality around us. As per this exact minute of writing…there is still not much to report on other than the NHL camps are underway and a few of our players may be MIA or AWWL (away with leave as opposed ot AWOL). I always hope the kids do well, but honestly, I secretly hope they get sent back early as it helps our bottom line. Every point and every win could mean everything at the end of the year. 

This year the Hounds have three players in that category. Kirill Kudryavstev will be at the Vancouver Canucks rookie camp, Tyler Savard will be at the Philadelphia Flyers main camp and Bryce McConnell-Barker will be attending the New York Rangers rookie camp. 

Speaking of MB; the Hounds have also signed his younger brother Brodie and having two brothers playing with each other will be great. It helps the latter adjust to junior hockey and if Brodie is anything like Bryce, this team is going to get deep up front very quickly.

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AnyHoo…..This is a wrap for me today. I had a busy day yesterday and didnt’ give any time to thinking about a  topic for today. I have decided to play around with my structure as to fit in images/ads in a more appealing way. Over the next week it may look different here and there but eventually I will settle on something and it will be my signature. I hope you have a great day and we’ll see you tomorrow. Please hit the Like button and Share to your friends. 

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