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The Wharf Coffee Shop Is Pulling Out All the Stops/Soo Greyhounds Flip The Tables W/ 6-4 Win

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After a very successful season with their ice cream and Wharf (Chip) Wagon business, the nice couple that live next door to me are focusing on their coffee shop venture. The Wharf which underwent extensive renovations during the late summer and early weeks of September is now open for business. The new look is amazing and as fresh as anything in the area. I have chatted with them over the past few months and heard what they were doing and adding, but I was floored when I actually visited in person

To give you a brief overview; the theme is a blend of modern with heritage in a way. In respects to modern, they have a cool black leather feel with couches and bar stool chairs and it reminds me of the old Steamy Bean on Great Northern Rd in the Soo. They also have a wall mounted tv, and the best part of things in my opinion is the serve your own coffee, coffee station at the back. This saves the working customer time from waiting in line to order and wait. If you are in a hurry and on the go, you just pour your coffee into your travel mug or to-go cups provided, and just pay and you are on your way to the office. No more corporate Tim Hortons as you are now getting real coffee and supporting your fellow Islander

Speaking of coffee; Victoria tells me that her supplier is a friend of hers who roasts the beans on his property.and that is another home run in supporting local. 

Now in respect to the nostalgia or heritage vibe I wrote about; the tandem has some tables that have been covered in a plexiglass topping. Under the glass are newspaper articles from yesteryear and there are some great reads; trust me I love to read and I have read them all. 

Staying with cosmetics, they have a wild yellow paint job on their front door and have added dressing to the front windows. Inside you will see light and entertaining signage, an anchor theme, some nice flora, and a rustic whisky barell that may or may not contain whisky (inside joke).

Anyway, visually it is one of the most appealing coffee shops I have ever been in . 

Now, the most important part of a small business like this is the actual product….which is food and drink. The menu is never going to be stagnant as Victoria and Kirby are adding things left and right as they get a feel for what their clientele wants. 

For instance they have a different special everyday. Some of the specials offered so far have been chili, fish n chips, a medley of soups, taco quesadillias, Sloppy Joes, grilled cheese sandshiches, pizza slices etc.

If you are one who has a sweet tooth, their baker Shahanessy has you covered. They have all kinds of muffins, tarts, and pastries that fill their display case which is emptied as fast as it’s replenished. 

Speaking of sweets and sugars and stuff, The Wharf is where you get your pancakes and waffle fixes !!

I spoke with the workaholics yesterday and they are even adding some extra hours to their schedule to fit in certain theme nights. For instance on Wednesdays they are doing Fish N Chips from 5-8pm, Thursdays will be Nacho Night with an Enterntainment/Jam Session from 7-10pm, and Saturdays will be Hockey & Wing Night 7-10pm. 

The couple has many things on the go and if you notice a tweak here and there, I am sure it is just them adjusting to what they find is working and what is n 


The Wharf I was told, have applied for their Ontario Liquor License and the beginning process is underway. If everything goes according to plan, you may be able to enjoy a nice relaxing drink while watching the Hounds play on the large screen tv which they are ordering, or have a beer and some wings. Whatever you want…the sky will be the limit.

Anyway, now it is up to you the reader and local to help support this couple that are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to find a way to keep you fed, entertained, and warm this winter. 


Check out the photos below and I will have my Soo Greyhounds post game article up later tonight or tomorrow at the latest. Have a great day !!


6 thoughts on “The Wharf Coffee Shop Is Pulling Out All the Stops/Soo Greyhounds Flip The Tables W/ 6-4 Win

  1. Mike says:

    Sounds like a great place to spend a relaxing evening while being conforted with good food and drink. I’ll keep it in mind when I feel like a little dive up to the island.
    Good article by the way.

    1. Border City Rock Talk says:

      Thanks Mike !!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great article.
    The Wharf is an awesome place to chill and read a book while sipping on AMAZING coffee, not to mention the BAKING.. unbelievable!!

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