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$1 Coffee Now at The Wharf/Greyhounds Try and Score Goals/The Big Day is Tomorrow

Here Is How to Grab Java for a Buck $

It is true with no strings attached. This Monday from 10am until 1pm, The Wharf will be selling their quality coffee for only $1. Not only do you get to sample the atmosphere of one of the newest hangout spots with the most delicious of food and baking, but you also get educated. What do I mean?

Well as you know the upcoming election is just over a week away and if you are responsible, you will want to vote as per your duty, and vote for the best person for the position of Mayor for the next four years. You may have seen my interviews with the candidates, but to really know who you should vote for you need to engage and ask them the hard questions and see by their body language and what they are all about.

 Barry Elliott has made it known that he wants to see you on Monday and will be waiting for you. Put this on your calendar; Barry Elliott will be at The Wharf on Monday Oct 17 from 10-2pm. 

If You Don't Vote...Don't B*tch

If you’re offended by the five letter word above in the title; well that is the least of your problems. Sorry but that is the way I see it. Too often people moan and complain in food courts or coffee shops etc about this and that and how things should be. Quite often these come from people who don’t vote. 

Anyway, tomorrow (Oct 15) is the advanced polls for those who want to take part in this democratic process and I hope you all participate. Polls are open at 10am – 5pm at the Township Office (St. Joseph).

Greyhounds Looking To Score

Tonight the Soo Greyhounds will try and find ways to score goals during a two game homestand. To say this is going to be tough is a huge understatement. The Hounds who have only scored 15 goals this year in 6 games and only 5 in there last three are going to be without the services of a top scorer in Tyler Savard who will miss the next four games due to a suspension. The Hounds are also down veteran forward Owen Allard who is gone for quite a while with an injury and Ryan Thompson the veteran OA the Hounds picked up is still nursing his foot injury. 

To put things in perspective; Rookie defenseman Andrew Gibson is at the top of the team in scoring with 5 points. It is going to be a tough go but if every player works hard, on any given night in the OHL, any team can win. 

Hounds vs Peterborough 7:07 pm Memorial Gardens.

** On another note, I reached out to the Hounds media coordinator to get an interview with majority owner Tim Lukenda regarding the significant drop in gate and attendance revenue during last years season and so far into this one.  It’s been over a week so I hope to get some information for you soon. **


Yup….the deck of cards is wobbly and is starting to fall. The bought and paid for media…CBC, CNN, MSNBC, CTV, Global, BBC, etc etc have been complicate in hiding many facts for almost three years. Thank God for independent media and honest professionals and doctors around the world. The jig is up and it is too bad that many people have lost their livelihoods because of their choice of what to put in their bodies, too many people could not socialize or dine in restaurants because of what they chose to not put in their bodies and the worst part is that millions worldwide have died because they “trusted” the politicians and “science” and put something in their bodies. I know many people here on the Island knew from the start …..almost three years ago, that it didn’t seem right, feel right, too many lies, contradictions, and finally….. we are being given the due respect we deserve It is just too bad that many couldn’t see it. 

Anyway; Pfizer executive Jan Small just admitted in an EU commission that they never tested for …and KNEW !! that their MRNA vaccine not could stop or prevent the Covid virus. All of those lies over three years for profit has destroyed economies and lives…All you need to do is Google it or easier than that here CLICK FOR 100% PROOF   So far I called two offices of our local politicians and asked the receptionists to please let the local rep know that we know they are involved in a lie and this is what I got. The Sheehan office receptionist played games and backpedaled saying they did not know the information “at the time” (but still his gov’t said…if you want to get on a train or plane or keep your job…get the vax etc). Now when I called the Romano office the woman was so nice and polite that I felt compelled to call her back and thank her for being respectful. 

These clowns need to be held accountable so if you have been awake or woke up….maybe you should do the same. In the below video Trudeau is mentioned and rightly so for being one of the main perpetrators in destroying families and lives.


7 thoughts on “$1 Coffee Now at The Wharf/Greyhounds Try and Score Goals/The Big Day is Tomorrow

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for bringing things to light in regards to the unjust and unlawful mandates, discrimination and attacks on our Rights over these last 3 years.
    Thinking we were doing the right thing by accepting the professionals recommendations and taking the jabs has left many of us ill, and unable to work..
    Not talked about is how many the jabs have injured..
    Anyway thank you for bringing some light and educating people on the truth.
    I am now awake!!

    1. St Joseph Islander Review says:

      Thx for your comments

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