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Holy Moses !!/Hounds Lose the Battle in Flint 5-4

Chippy Game Was Fun to Watch

I missed the first period last night but the last 40 minutes were pretty entertaining even though the Hounds lost another one. 

The Greyhounds record after the loss last night falls to 5-11. I know they have gained 5 points via the overtime loss/shootout loss scenarios, but a loss is a loss is a loss. On the other hand, the Hounds are probably playing better than I give them credit for because if they happened to win those games in extra innings, they would be sitting in second place in the division.

Anyway, last night had some bright spots such as rookie Daylen Moses getting into his first OHL scrap and the young pup came out on top. This is going to be HUGE for his confidence and I look forward to seeing how he plays tonight. I am sure his confidence is going to go to the next level and the respect from his teammates is going to be important in his development. 

Another rookie made his OHL debut; and Brodie McConnell-Barker showed why he was drafted by the Hounds. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (Bryce) as they say, and the youngster made a few nice plays on the backend.

I anticipate Brodie to play in all three games on this road trip as my personal thoughts suggest they wouldn’t bring him and book him a room and pay for his meals if he wasn’t going to play. If he was just inserted to see how he fairs, Coach Dean would have done it during a homestand. If my calculations are right, look for him tonight and tomorrow playing left defense.

Why am I focusing on this? Well if you look at how older brother Bryce McConnell-Barker played last night you will understand. It is pretty rare for a kid to get 10 shots on goal in a game, and at the same time how many shots were blocked? I think you get my drift. BMB played a super great game last night where he also scored 2 goals and he was named the games third star. I would be willing to wager that his great play last night was 100% due to his younger family member being in the lineup. 

Other things I like from last nights game were the chipiness and toughness the kids played with. Overagers Ryan Thompson and Mark Duarte brought their A games and although one was given a misconduct and the other took a crucial 4 minute penalty late in the game.

 This team in no way played a passive game and it is good news as other teams facing the kids this weekend will understand that even though the Hounds have a poor record, they will battle till the end each and every night. 

Moving forward, even though Sammy Ivanonv redeemed himself with a great 2nd and 3rd period and some stellar saves, I would figure that Charlie Schenkel will be between the pipes tonight in Saginaw. 

Scoring for the Hounds in the loss were BMB with 2, and Tyler Savard and Jordan D’Intino with one a piece.

**An odd thing I noticed was that the Hounds dressed 2 centreman whereas Flint dressed 7. Interesting Indeed.**




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