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Johanna & Nicke from LUCIFER & I Discuss Lucifer IV Album and…….in return

Johanna Casts a Spell On Canadian Politicians

Yes, that was at my request, as it’s getting pretty hot here in Canada and Johanna (Sadonis) is the only one to take care of business if you know what I mean.

Anyway, aside from the corny joking around; we did talk about the new Lucifer album. I was pretty amazed as I told her and her husband Nicke (Andersson) the other day. I had heard of the band, but thought they would sound more like Venom, Mercyful Fate or with a heavy screaming sound.

I was shocked when I heard the great singing, musicianship, and the beautiful tie ins to a gothic style at times. Some of these songs are just a few notes away from top 20ish tunes cerca a Concrete Blonde style in my personal opinion.

However with some darkish lyrics and interludes, I don’t think top twenty is what they are aiming for.

There are a few tracks that stand out; Bring Me Your Head for sure is one of them, and I also love Mausoleum and the bridge in the middle of the album called The Funeral Pyre. I related to the two demons that it reminded me in a way of  To One Far Away by Mercyful Fate on the Don’t Break the Oath album.

Nicke shocked the shit out of me when he mentioned that April Wine was one of his favorite bands. I will have to tell Myles this the next time I chat with him. I sure he will be thrilled lol.

Anyway, the point of me doing these Zoom interviews is so that I won’t have to write as much so I think I am going to stop about now.

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