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MTV’s Former Pimp Diggity Dave & G. Costanzas Daughter 7even Chat With Me About Sexxi Lexxi and New Band Hollywood Gods n Monsters !!

I had a nice chat with Dave Aragon and his wife Kris; both of the incredibly unique new band called Hollywood Gods N Monsters. The band features ex Steel Panther pretty boy Lexxi Foxx (Travis Haley), the iconic rapper Hype and two of the best musicians on the scene right now in Brian Jennings and Danny Parker who made their mark some years ago playing alongside Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer in Shake the Faith.

Without giving to much away before you watch the interview; all I can say is that the music and upcoming 15 track album blends all genres of music from country to rock to hard rock to rap.

Originally, I was skeptical, but upon listening to some of the music that was sent to me I have to say I am sold. Think of the Foo Fighters, Florida Georgia Line etc and only a genius can pull this off and ….well they pulled it off.

The album should be out in November and it will be distributed digitally for FREE !!

This goes to show you that there are some really good people out there and they are even giving some of the profits of their merch sales to charity.

In a time like this with so much destruction; it is people like this that we need more of.

Can you photocopy people yet ?

I have to however admit that although the interview was seamless; I did have to spend about 6 hours online afterwards googling the words Dave was using that I didn’t understand lol; man this guy is well read and very articulate.

Anyway, in the words of Marty Dibergi (Rob Reiner/Spinal Tap)

“enough of my yakkin; let’s boogie” !

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